How To Identify Scam Callers?

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Technology has its both positive and negative impacts on the lives of today’s humans as the world is moving towards betterment through different means of technology. Within this phenomenon, staves are also active in scamming innocent people with the negative use of the same revenues. Crooks and criminals are deceiving millions of people with their wily patterns every year.

They are merging old guiles with the new know-how to get money and other confidential information from people. In fact, they are scamming in a very sophisticated manner that a layman often times is not able to figure out their hidden wily face. There were times, when criminals stole you or fraud you physically but now they all are using erudite technologies to get your personal bank account details virtually. This is a point to beware because virtual criminals are tough to find.

New Tactics Of Scammers

All of us have had experience of such scam calls in our lives while many innocent people are getting fooled with these calls, and just a few fortunate remain safe. Types of tactics they are using are given below;

• Call from your bank

• Call from your old company

• Card service

• IRS agent

• Phone service customer care

• Life station or life alert

• Insurance company

Scammers pretend to be the formerly mentioned agents. They even hacked official sites and their systems and stole all data from there. For example, you received a call on your phone and the number is unknown to you but has an official code. As a result, you will pick it up and the person on another side will start saying that he is calling from your bank and asking for your confidential information to upgrade your bank account/ credit card etc.

You will give your data because of the convincing gesture of the speaker or maybe he is urging you to pay your overdue taxes as there will be penalties if the latter will not be paid on time. Perhaps, answering these calls will completely assault your privacy and could be a source of a serious financial loss for you.

These spoofed calls are the complaint of almost every customer of FCC (Federal communications commissions). Many companies have conducted a study on phone scamming and found that almost 60% of people are receiving such calls each week. Another study conducted this year, reported by the New York Times showed that 3.4 billion people have been scammed by these robocalls.

They are now using a new tactic of calling with the same number of their target person known as NEIGHBOUR SPOOFING. It’s an instinct when a person receives a call from a familiar number, they automatically become curious to answer that call. As soon as they answer, scammers get a chance to trap you by their mystic tricks.

Remedies To Combat These Frauds With Technology

Phone call crimes are becoming serious threats these days. All of us should have to be aware of these clever tactics. You must be speculating about the solutions and remedies to this problem. This article will help you to equip yourselves to resist such callers wisely. Below are the few tips to help you to stay safe;

• Identify the pretender/imposter

It is a common practice of scammers to pretend they are someone you can trust like a government official, your relative, insurance, NGO, or your former employer etc.

Do an online search at

Before replying and giving details to this caller you should type your issue at the search engine as you can use keywords like a review, complaint, scam etc. The search engine will show you the details about the number you are inquiring. It will also display all the past records of the caller if other people reported him as a scam as well.

Think before trusting

Some caller IDs are even fake as scammers use fake caller IDs to ask money and details. You should inquire about the incoming caller and always call back to genuine numbers. These callers can even track your location.

Don’t pay bluntly

Do not ever pay to people in advance for things like a credit loan, a debt loan, mortgage assistance or employment opportunity! You could receive a call asking to pay the tax of items you won in a lucky draw but do not rely on them as they will take your money and disappear forever.

• Always pay through a trustworthy payment method.

E.g methods that have a money back guarantee service in a situation of a fraud or disputes.

• Be cynical about free trial offers.

• Keep your mobile devices and laptops/iPad etc. secure.

• Set your passwords sensibly

• Make your social media account details private and confidential

Use For Scam Free Calls

It is your right to be aware of illegitimate and problematic callers. have a robokiller app to identify such calls. Sign up for free and get alerts about scams. If you spot a scam you can also report it at this portal. Protect yourself from criminals who are hiding behind technology. Always keep in mind that “Defense is usually a good offense”.

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