10 High-Tech Toys & Gadgets Designed For Kids

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10 High-Tech Toys & Gadgets Designed For Kids
Lots of modern children spend much time on the Internet, phones, or tabs what causes concerns among their parents. But parents, as well as their kids, might take lots of advantages from that while different gadgets might help your kids develop really necessary skills for their future life, such as programming skills, for example.

At the same time, children are able to play, learn, and develop thanks to different smart gadgets. And their parents can be sure kids play totally safe and smart toys.

Below you will find the list of 10 gadgets and smart toys which could be a great interactive activity for your children. They will help your kid learn how to choose a programming language or develop his problem-solving skills. Such toys will become an integral part of your kids’ development and save your time significantly.

Who knows, maybe your kid might become a new IT genius thanks to one of them?

MiP the Toy Robot

MiP the Toy Robot
(By: WowWee )

Mip is created not so for learning, as just for fun. But it is a simply terrific toy for fun. Balancing robot which is controlled by your phone manually and in real-time. It can be controlled by Android or iOS phone. You can draw paths which the robot will move; it can race or dance even. The robot carries his own weight, and different stuff can be stacked onto his tray. It’s a great start to having your own robot. It is available in black and white colors.
Pros: a great toy for fun which can be loved by any kid two colors available carries his own weight
Cons: is more for fun than for learning expensive

View-Master Virtual Reality Starter Pack

View-Master Virtual Reality Starter Pack
(By: Mattel )

That’s a new version of a well-known View-Master. 360 degrees of virtual reality data are provided by Google Cardboard places.
Pros: great for entertainment, not expensive
Cons: is more for fun than for learning

Moki ACCHPKSYB Kid Safe Volume Limited Headphones

Moki ACCHPKSYB Kid Safe Volume Limited Headphones
(By: Moki International )

If your kid adores listening to music or watching something in the headphones, then Moki Kid Safe Volume Limited Headphones would be a great choice while they are recommended even for the smallest ones, for kids above the age of 3 years. They have a restricted sensitivity and are totally safe for small children by preventing damage to their ears. They also flit greatly on the ear and don’t isolate kids from the noise surrounding him. So your kid will surely hear you if necessary.
Pros: safe for kids recommended for 3+ affordable price soft bright colors
Cons: might not be suitable for adults


(By: Guitars )

Jamstik is a digital guitar having real frets and strings. It is connected to your smartphone, tab, or laptop via a wireless connection. It works with different music apps both for pros and beginners. The screen shows the placement of fingers as you play. Even if your kid doesn’t really love music, he will really enjoy that toy. It’s cool even for the adults.
Pros: helps develop creativity and love for music
Cons: expensive

Wall Climbing Remote Control Car

Wall Climbing Remote Control Car
(By: Force1 )

This toy will blow up your mind totally. It has the remote control and if your kids have enough remote control cars, this one will surprise them. It climbs the walls so easily and knows no gravity at all. It is very long-lasting and rechargeable. They can be raced on floors as well.
Pros: Long-lasting Innovative Not expensive Lost-lasting
Cons: Is more for fun

Kano Computer Kit

Kano Computer Kit
(By: Kano )

If you would love your kid to learn to programme, Kano could be perfect for that purpose. It is both for kids and adults, is powered by Raspberry Pi. It has a guide how to assemble it out of the box into a working computer. You will only need your own monitor for it.
Pros: Kids and adults can learn how to code music, art, apps, games, and much more Not expensive
Cons: Doesn’t contain the monitor, it’s necessary to bring your own


(By: Anki )

Cozmo would become a great friend for your kid. It has its own personality. There are some simple games your kid can be involved into. Cozmo recognizes faces, gets to know people, and develops its own personality. That’s a great reason to switch off PlayStation.
Pros: Includes USB charging platform Is very interesting for kids
Cons: Requires compatible Android or iOS device and a free Cozmo app to download. Is pretty expensive



Your kid will be excited to see the surrounding world with that microscope. It will make them collect samples and examine them. Children will be really surprised to see that. The microscope can be plugged into your laptop, PC, tablet, or phone and supports Mac, Android, Windows, and iOS. It’s possible to take photos and videos with it.
Pros: Easy to use Can be helpful in studies even The price is affordable Cons: None

DEERC D20 Mini Drone for Kids

DEERC D20 Mini Drone
(By: DEERC D20 Mini Drone for Kids )

DEERC D20 Mini Drone is a great personal videographer. The gadget is possible to be programmed for following and recording you in any location depending on the location of your mobile device through WiFi connection. You can take 15 MP pictures and 1080p HD videos with its help. The photos and videos will be synchronized directly to your phone or any off-site device.

Kinetic Sand

Kinetic Sand
(By: Kinetic Sand )

Kinetic Sand is a great alternative to traditional sand kids love so much. That’s the best way to make sandcastles directly at your home. The sand is very stretchy, soft; it melts and seems to be liquid. One of the benefits of that toy is that it doesn’t stick to fingers and doesn’t get anywhere as usual sand does. It is absolutely safe, non-toxic and is perfect for kids from 5 years old and older. It is really addictive, even for the adults. Both kids and parents will enjoy that activity for sure! Pros: very good for creativity and imagination safe not expensive
Cons: none

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