65+ Best Free Javascript Tutorials, PDF & eBooks For Web Developers

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Javascript Tutorials

JavaScript has gained a lot of popularity as one of the main programming languages for the development of highly interactive web apps. This language has become an important factor for both web app developers as well as browser vendors. Owing to the increasing browser functionality, in terms of a greater amount of interpreter and compiler technology, JavaScript has become the bloodline of almost every organization. So, if you are looking forward to become a part of this much coveted IT sector, JavaScript is a must learn language for you.

A well used Javascript application will enable your pages to be more dynamic and be highly interactive with the end user with minimal server side interaction. Many recent server side applications and tools have been developed keeping Javascript as the client in mind. At the same time, there are dozens of MVC frameworks that have evolved using only Javascript. This has made web front end development must fast and very interactive.

You may find a lot of good books on JavaScript and some books are aimed on AJAX, however in this post we have focused on different kinds of free web resources which will help you learn JavaScript online for free are:

Free eBooks And Noteworthy Online Tutorials

If you like to learn by reading, you will find plenty of free e-books which will take you through the various aspects of JavaScript language. Regardless of whether you are a beginner or an expert programmer, you will find an e-book which suits your needs the best.

  1. Eloquent JavaScript A Modern Introduction to Programming
  2. Essential JS Design Patterns eBook
  3. JS eBook by InformIT
  4. It eBooks – A good collection of Free JavaScript eBooks with a lot of other useful programming books as well.
  5. Introduction To JavaScript Unit Testing
  6. Which JavaScript Recipe Is Right For You?This is a javascript tutorial for beginners.
  7. Building A Relationship Between CSS & JavaScript. This is a javascript tutorial for web designing using JavaScript.
  8. Writing Fast, Memory-Efficient JavaScript
  9. Make your JavaScript apps smoother
  10. A-Z of JavaScript
  11. Introduction to HTML5 Web Workers
  12. Net Magazine JavaScript Tutorials
  13. Design Patterns in Javascript – by TutsPlus
  14. Principles of Maintainable JavaScript – By TutsPlus

Free Websites

In case, you are beginning to learn JavaScript, there can be nothing better than seeking the help of an online website. These online websites are available free of cost and are easier to access from everywhere, provided you have internet.

  1. Mozilla Developer Network – Developer Mozilla JS Guide
  2. W3cSchool
  3. Ajaxian
  4. Interactive Javascript tutorial
  5. Javascript tutorial by codecademy
  6. JavaScript Tutorial By Knockoutjs
  7. JavaScript info
  8. JavaScript Guide By HTMLDog
  9. JavaScript Bookon WikiBooks
  10. JS Tutorial on Javascript Kit
  11. Echo echo Javascript
  12. Tutorialized – JS Tutorial
  13. Tutorialspoint
  14. Html Goodies
  15. Pagere Source JS
  16. JS Tutorial by Brown University
  17. Web Monkey – Advanced JS Tutorial
  19. Microsoft App using JS– Create your first Windows Store app using JavaScript
  20. Good Tutorials
  21. JS Made Easy
  22. AppendTo
  23. Your HTML Source
  24. Site Point JS Tutorial

Free Video Tutorials

It can be quite difficult for some people to learn JavaScript on their own. However, you can easily watch one of the online video tutorials which teach best practices, right from the beginning. Everything from basic to the advanced concepts is covered in these online tutorials.

  1. YUI Blog – Douglas Crockford is Yahoo!’s JavaScript architect
  2. Some more Video tutorials By Douglas Crockford Yahoo!’s JavaScript architect.
  3. The Good Parts
  4. A JavaScript video tutorial series
  5. JavaScript Tutorialsby newboston
  6. Learn everything there is to know about JavaScript – Document Object Model : Dynamic Styling : AJAX : Form Validation
  7. JS Tutorials Playlist on Youtube by Chris Walker
  8. Introduction to JavaScript and Browser DOMBy GoogleTechTalks
  9. Javascript Tutorials Compilation by For Beginners Playlist – A Playlist of some hidden great javascript tutorials that you can use to learn and expert JS programmer.
  10. Introduction to Javascript Programming
  11. Speed Up Your JavaScript – By Google Tech Talks
  12. Douglas Crockford: Advanced JavaScript
  13. Introduction to JavaScript and HTML5 Canvas
  14. JS Tutorials Playlistby Adam Khoury
  15. Video Tutorials Playlist on Advanced JavaScript programming including various tips & techniques

Best Free Cheat Sheets & PDF For JavaScript

JavaScript cheat sheets will act as your quick reference guide. It is designed in a manner so as to act like a reminder sheet, listing the various functions and methods of JavaScript so that you can never go wrong with its usage.

  1. Added Bytes Cheatsheet on JavaScript
  2. JS Reference BookletThis ebook can serve as a really useful cheatsheet and Javascript tutorial PDF for beginners (download free ).
  4. Javascript Reference
  5. JS FAQs
  6. Cheatsheet for Prototype JS Library. This is a quick javascript reference PDF for web designing using Prototype JS library.

Best Free Web Forums To Ask Questions

Only learning the language on your own isn’t enough. You must become part of one of the JavaScript web forums where constant discussions pertaining to JavaScript and other related technologies take place.

  1. Stackoverflow – I find this to be the best place for Javascript related questions and answers. Make sure to tag your questions appropriately and search for similar questions before posting.
  2. Coding Forums JavaScript
  3. Code Project JavaScript
  4. Web Developer JavaScript
  5. HTML Help Centeral

Some Informative And Useful JavaScript Blogs

There are a lot of other websites and blogs created by JS experts that you may

  1. Badassjs
  2. Microsoft JS Development Blog
  3. Web Reflection

So, whether you are simply starting out, want to enhance your skills or are quite an experienced JavaScript professional, these resources will help everyone grab something worthwhile.


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