Top 5 LinkedIn Marketing Strategies

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Top 5 LinkedIn Marketing Strategies

LinkedIn is the most-favored social network for businesses and executives. It does not get as much attention as Instagram or Facebook, but all top B2-B firms are present on the platform, and it continues to evolve. With over 300 million active members, it is great for content distribution, marketing, lead generation, and generating leads.

With the correct LinkedIn marketing strategy, LinkedIn automation tools, and consistency, you can build great brand awareness and productive long-term business relationships. Many global entrepreneurs, senior-level executives, leaders, etc., are active on the platform, and if you own a B2B business, it must be an important part of your marketing strategy.


Why do you need a Marketing Strategy?

You cannot just randomly market your business on LinkedIn because its AI bots check all shared content to tackle spamming. If your content is spam, it won’t be shared with your connections’ feeds. If your content passes this test, then it will be checked by human editors who decide if it should be shared with a wider audience.

This is why a LinkedIn strategy is important for marketing, and you need to build the right one for your business. It is important because:

  • You can capture the attention of many senior professionals, business leaders, executives, etc.
  • Unlike Instagram or Facebook, Instagram offers multiple opportunities for B2-B businesses.
  • You can get better lead generation, increased traffic, and better brand awareness.
  • You can become a leader within your industry and build authority among your target audience.
  • Here are the top LinkedIn Marketing Strategies for your business.

Build a Big Audience Online Using LinkedIn

Have an idea of your target audience and build your network around them for LinkedIn growth. You can connect with potential clients and customers and follow their business pages also. Take a look at your contacts’ connections and search for people who you can add to your network. Every person in your team should have a good LinkedIn presence and help in building your audience.

  • To create a big audience:
  • Optimize your profile
  • Optimize your business page
  • Create a marketing strategy and follow it
  • Find value in cold messages
  • Use a CRM
  • Leverage past clients and customers

Use the $1.80 strategy for LinkedIn

The $1.80 strategy aims to find the most relevant content for your industry by searching for top posts or hashtags and leaving your knowledge in the comments. Instead of spammy comments, leave meaningful content that adds value to the post.

  • You can search What People Are Talking About to see trending topics and what people are speaking about a particular topic.
  • Search for the top 10 or top 20 hashtags, look for interesting posts, and leave your comments there.
  • Follow top influencers and leave comments on their posts so that a higher audience sees them and interacts with them.

The $1.80 strategy is great for boosting engagement and building a community around your business or brand. You will also know about trending stuff in your industry and can share your point of view.

Write Native Articles on LinkedIn

You can engage with content, but you can also create your own meaningful content. Searching for relevant topics and commenting to build your reach is great, but even better is creating your own content and sharing it with your network. A good LinkedIn growth strategy includes writing native articles and text posts on the platform.

Write blog posts based on your industry that can offer knowledge and meaningful information to prospects and clients. If you are in the hotel industry, you can write about the top services in hotels or how hotels are tackling the pandemic. Anything related to your industry that will attract a targeted audience.

You can use:

Blog Posts

Informative Thoughts


Statistics and Analysis

Quotes by leaders



GIFs and short videos

Add Your Profile Link to Your Email Signature

All the content and updates you share on LinkedIn are visible only to your connections or people who follow the same hashtags as you. If you don’t have a high number of connections, it can be difficult to put your content in front of a bigger audience.

An easy way to tackle this issue is by adding your LinkedIn profile link to your mail signatures. Businesses send many emails from both personal and business accounts, and your recipients will see your profile link and visit it. Your followers will increase, and your posts will be seen by more and more people. This increased reach and exposure are great for marketing your business.

Don’t Spam Out Messages

Most salesmen and business owners hate receiving spammy promotional messages but still spam their connections with similar, irritating messages. LinkedIn does not like spammy content, and this is not the right tactic to reach out to more prospects and boost your brand visibility.

Instead of getting more leads, people will start ignoring you, and your business will start chasing leads away instead of attracting them. Send messages only when they are needed and focus more on building engagement through popular posts, hashtags, or by creating your own content. Offering value and knowledge to the community is better than sending spammy messages.

Use LinkedIn to host in-person events

B2B businesses should definitely host in-person events using LinkedIn to market their business better. Just like conferences, hosting smaller in-person events is also effective when it comes to generating clients and leads. Small events with clients from your targeted industry will put you at an advantage in converting them into customers in the future.

You can use advertisements or organic reach to target specific people in particular locations for your event. Your advertisement can just be a simple invite with details of your event and a link for people to register or sign up for the event. In the event, you can connect with like-minded people, ask attendees for their opinion, share industry knowledge, etc.


No other social platform offers as many business opportunities as LinkedIn, so you need to use it in the right way to grow your business. You need to understand its importance and come up with the right LinkedIn marketing strategy to grow a big audience and generate potential leads.

In the above blog, we shared some of the best strategies you can follow for marketing on LinkedIn. Make sure you and your entire team follow them to get desired results, reach out to interested clients, and boost revenue.

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