How to Create Interactive Online Training Videos

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How to Create Interactive Online Training Videos

The Intersection Between E-training and Video Authoring Tools.

Goodbye to the days of repeatedly sighing and hissing when ingesting learning materials, particularly tutorial videos. The days of boredom and apathy while learning is over. In truth, learning doesn’t have to carry a severe and tense atmosphere as though one is taking the medical board exams before it can be effective in passing vital information across to learners. 

With the growing influence of E-learning particularly video training software as a result of the global pandemic, new trends in technology, and groundbreaking innovations in the educational sector, the need to create engaging online content for users has been on the rise. This trend became popularized when it became obvious that there are many ways of effective and efficient learning and one of such ways is the use of digital assets ranging from videos, pictures, and engaging texts to create online video content.

The Problems then Lie in Picking from a Vast Array of Authoring Tool Kits.

Do not worry, we have it all figured out for you! Look no further, Ispring Suite is one authoring tool kit and interactive video creator that is compliant with industry standards and specifications while delivering interactive and engaging content to users all around the world not limited by geographical barriers.

What is an Interactive Training Video?

As the name implies, an interactive training video engages the mind of the learner by the use of clickable links, relatable pictures, and videos to make the training more tactile and immersive. Simply put, it ensures that you learn in a creative way devoid of stress and complicated theoretical concepts. If a picture can speak a thousand words, a video can speak ten thousand.

The Place of Good Content

It brims our heart when we see our friends saying excitedly on their social media spaces that the courses they are anchoring are sold out. Have you ever wondered the secret to retaining and engaging learners or even trainees in an organization? The source of this apparent success lies in the creation of content that would engage the mental faculties of your audience while maintaining an immersive atmosphere and sanctity of learning but in a fun way.

Every good food (Video) has a secret recipe and with the subsequent detailed points, you would be armed with the proper knowledge of creating videos that would make your trainees quest and thirst for knowledge. The following are the secret recipes to creating interactive videos:

Identify your Learning Goals/ Objectives

If you set out from your place of residence and you do not know where you are going, there are high chances that you might get lost hence the need for a map or some sort of navigation tool. The same also applies to E-learning, and training, if you do not define your aims, goals, and objectives all your well-meaning plans would dissipate into nothingness.

What do you want your corporate learners to have learned by the time the credits roll?

If your video content doesn’t support your corporate learning program then it has lost its relevance as a useful learning resource rather it has become a source of entertainment.

You should also ensure that you have a comprehensive discussion with your subject matter expert and your instructional designer to ensure your content aligns with your training goals.

Finding The Right E-Learning Authoring Tool

This is one of the most important decisions you must make as failure to make the right one means your brimming ideas wouldn’t be brought to life. You must ensure that the authoring tool supports your interactive content structure. A little research wouldn’t hurt. Ensure that you lookout for the ones that have what you want. It may be one with a robust asset library or one that allows for optimum video recording and editing. Hence, it all boils down to choice.

Pick The Perfect Interactive Online Video

The axiom ‘ what you don’t know can’t hurt you is a total fallacy. What you don’t know can indeed hurt you. Ignorance is not bliss. We are in the 21st century and information, assets, and video resources are littered everywhere from Instagram reels to short videos on TikTok, to comprehensive ones on Google. With Adequate research, you would pull together a catalog of relevant interactive videos which can then be streamlined to your professional standards. The video must be of high resolution, value and must have the key takeaways of the training.

Sensitivity And User Experience

Sometimes we need a little bit of emotional intelligence to ensure effectiveness. This involves taking into consideration all possible scenarios and situations. For instance, some of your trainees may work in environments that are overly noisy and chaotic. It becomes necessary for you to provide captions to facilitate understanding. Also, you must take into consideration the fact that some people are averse to flashing digital, particularly images and videos. Triggering your audience is one way to discourage them from learning.

Regular/Systemic Quizzing

Until your trainees are tested, you can’t determine their level of understanding and appreciation of the concepts you teach. Hence, you have to set up an efficient quizzing structure. With this, learners would not zone out during classes as their interests would be sustained. Maintaining focus during lectures is instrumental to the retention and adequate understanding and these traits are essential to scaling quizzes.
Track Your Results

Setting up an efficient structure to monitor the performance of your interactive video is important. You would have to know if your videos are achieving the learning goals and objectives which you set out from the start. Monitoring the performance of the videos using analytics usually pre-installed would be your best. Most enterprise learning management systems have comprehensive reports they offer. Corporate learner feedback is one sure way to monitor your progress.


Wrapping Up

In conclusion, the secret to casting a spell of knowledge on your audience lies in using a video authoring tool that aligns with your learning goals whilst engaging the mind of your trainees at the same time. Thinking of the best Learning Management System? Check out iSpring Learn.

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