5 SEO Mistakes That Spoil Your Brand Reputation

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5 SEO Mistakes That Spoil Your Brand Reputation

SEO is not difficult but there are so many things to consider that most people overlook and they end up getting no results from it at all. It’s important to avoid some mistakes that may hamper your brand reputation and you should avoid them at any cost.

If you are new to SEO, then we have compiled the list of 5 SEO mistakes that you should avoid to protect your brand reputation from getting spoiled. Regardless of the industry and the size of the company, these tips fit perfectly.


Keywords Stuffing

The most basic yet critical mistake that people make is they stuff unnecessary keywords in their blog posts, web pages, and landing pages. It’s not the truth that a large number of keywords will bring you substantial traffic. The keyword to text ratio should be within a limit that will add more value to both the readers and the search engines.

On average the ratio is between 1% to 3% and anything exceeding this may fall under keyword stuffing. Earlier, keyword stuffing used to work where people took several keywords and just stuff them with the existing content. But today, you have to be extra careful while dealing with keywords.

Buying Low-Quality Backlinks

Backlinks are important for SEO services and they will remain the most important part of the optimization for years to come. However, many beginners and business owners commit the mistake of buying low-quality backlinks and it harms their domain authority instead of bringing any benefit. When it comes to backlinks, quality always wins over quantity and you have to keep this in mind. Never buy low-quality backlinks as it will spoil your brand reputation and reduce the organic ranking. Instead of this, follow the organic outreach approach to build both backlinks and relationships with others.


No Website Audit

Not auditing the website brings in several issues that spoil your SEO efforts and you should keep auditing your website on a frequent basis. The audit will include multiple aspects like checking the technical status of the website, content audit and on-page audit of the website. All these audits are important as they uncover all the potential and serious issues that are hurting the overall organic ranking and ultimately the brand reputation. You need to ensure that the website is top-notch in terms of technical parameters and content that you are publishing.

Not Adding Meta Tags

Meta tags are important and most people don’t optimize their pages with the tags. When the web pages are not optimized for Meta tags, it becomes difficult for search engines to identify the purpose of the pages and hence the organic ranking drops. This mistake can spoil the brand reputation and also hamper the overall user experience. So, always ensure to add Meta title, meta description to all the pages, blogs, and landing pages of your website. If you use a CMS like WordPress then you will find a lot of free plugins that will help you optimize the pages quickly.


Not Focusing on Originality

Content that you publish or use on web pages should be original and there is no second thought about it. Many new online business owners don’t focus on the quality of the content and it hampers both SEO and the brand reputation. It’s better to hire a professional writer and get all content done that will add more value to your business. Regardless of whether you publish a new blog or create a landing page, the content should be information-driven and original.

Final Thoughts

Avoid these common mistakes and protect your brand reputation from getting spoiled. Once you start focusing on these elements, you can gain more traction and leads for your business.

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