Can I Track My Wife’s Phone without Touching It

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Can I Track My Wife’s Phone without Touching It

Are you always wondering where my wife is right now? This page has all the details about how you can get an answer to your question in no time. There are many apps that can help you easily know the location of a person instantly.

Both android and iOS have good spy apps that can be installed to help track your spouse’s cell phone.

Few Key Things To Keep In Mind

  • The app must be installed on the device that needs to be tracked.
  • The apps require location tracking that must be enabled before exact location can be tracked.
  • You may not find any apps on app stores for iOS or Android for doing hidden location tracking but there are apps developed by external developers that can do it.
    • Even if the app is hidden, a good spy detector app can still find it and remove it.
    • iOS has strict location sharing rules and frequently prompts users asking details of location sharing settings. This can help device users remove permission from unwanted apps tracking location.

Are there any free apps available to do Tracking?

iOS already has a location tracking and alert system that can notify all other authorized iOS users. This is an inbuilt feature in FindMy app that comes with all iOS devices. To start tracking you must give permission to share the location on FindMy app.

Android also has some good apps like Life360 that can be used to track the location of an entire family. This app can be installed on all android devices and location can be tracked on web portals or other devices.

Many of the spy apps have a free basic feature to do spy-like tracking. Some of them also offer premium features to do advanced tracking and regular automated updates and alerts.

How To Install Spy Apps?

Most of the spy apps are not directly available on app stores for iOS and Android since they violate the app store privacy policy for users. This forces most spy app developers to provide a direct download of the app. 

Please take extreme caution before installing apps from unidentified developers since it can expose you to serious identity theft, ransomware and other financial frauds. Checkout some tips on how to identify fake and fraud website.

Can I track my wife’s phone without her knowing?

The hidden tracking apps send periodic location data from phones using either cellphone data or wifi network. Most people may not be able to find if a spy app installed on their device however if they use any anti spyware software then they can easily remove it. 

Where can I see and track the location?

Each app does it differently, some of the apps listed here have an easy web access portal where you can know the location of the person carrying the device.

How Location Tracking Works?

All modern smartphones support location tracking API for apps to be able to identify location of the device. This is achieved via either cellular data network or WIFI network.

Important Things to Know About Location Tracking

  • Location tracking can tell you only an approximate location. The accuracy range may be 500ft or more depending on network coverage in the area.
  • Location tracking on Cellular data plan and WIFI are different.
    • Location tracking works great on cellular data plans but it may be costly depending on a data plan you own.
    • Location tracking on WIFI can be cost effective but may give different results from cellular data.

You may also find it interesting to learn about location tracking in this article from YELP tech blog.

When Location Tracking Will Not Work?

Location can not be tracked in following conditions

  • When The device is turned off
  • When the device is in airplane mode
  • When the device is in power saving mode.
  • When network coverage is not there.
  • When the weather is really bad causing network interruption.

Is it Legal to Install A Spy App on Your Spouse Phone Without Them Knowing?

Sneaking a spy app into your wife’s phone can be considered illegal and may have serious consequences depending on your relationship. Please check with a legal attorney before you take any such actions. If you already have a legal situation then it may make it worse.


The smartphones can be easily used to track the location of any person. The tracking is really easy however making it hidden is challenging.

Hope you found this article useful to know about location tracking. Please share your comments and questions in the comments section below.

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