How to Hire a Software Architect Online?

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How to Hire a Software Architect Online?

Along with the dedicated recruitment platforms for finding the right talent for a company, many marketplaces help employers undertake all the hiring tasks. The process starts from posting a job description, evaluating the applications, shortlisting suitable candidates, and even overseeing the job progress after a person is hired.

Whether you want to hire a remote software architect, a contractual one, or hire someone who can attend office 9-5 every day, there are some ground rules for recruitment.

Which Channels to use for Spreading the news of Job Opening?

Should you use print media, or should you publish ads on your website? Did you know according to a recent survey, 76% of HR managers said that attracting the right candidates is the biggest challenge for them. Some companies have a loyal fan base. As soon as they post a new job opening, hundreds of people send their CVs within hours.

But if you are a startup or a new company, you have to attract the right software architects who can become a part of your company and help you achieve your goals.

This is why posting jobs online is a must for all organizations. If you want to attract the new generation of employees, you must spread the news about job openings at your organization where the young are most active.

Along with social media, post updates about a job opening at your organization on your website. Keep an eye open for job listing sites with a much broader reach. If you can manage to get listed on a few of these sites, you can drastically increase your chances of recruiting the right talent for your company.

Writing Job Descriptions

After identifying your need to hire a software architect for your team, it is time to write a job description. Remember, it might be the first thing that reaches your potential prospects. This is why you must include all the necessary information in a job description.

If you are a new company, try to include testimonials from your existing employees. This will help you build credibility. As your prospects can see what benefits you offer and how great the work environment is at your office, they will feel more encouraged to apply to your company.

The software architect job description should mention all relevant responsibilities for the position. This way, your prospects can check if they are a good fit for your organization. Also, mention the skills you are looking for in the software architect. If a prospect can see what skills are required for the job position, they can do a self-assessment. This will also deter random candidates from applying to your company who lack the skills you are looking for.

If you want to take a proactive approach, you can ask your potential candidates to answer a few questions before applying for your job. However, do make sure to have different questions for different openings.

You can, of course, prepare a standard questionnaire that you might deem feasible to roll out for all your future job postings. But this approach has a few drawbacks. With a generic questionnaire, you might not be able to assess the specific requirements for a given job.

If you are not sure about what question you should include in the questionnaire, do a quick Google search to see what other employers are asking. For example, you can check out these software architect interview questions to help you get started. There are plenty of similar materials online, regardless of a particular job opening.

Things to Know Before Hiring a Software Architect

Unless you successfully spread the news about a job opportunity at your organization, you might attract those who weren’t even actively looking for a job. According to recent reports, did you know 70% of the global workforce is comprised of passive employees?

This means most of the employed people landed their current job while working for another company. Recruiters often look for passive candidates because already employed people usually have more experience and skills necessary for the job. This is especially important for a software architect position.

Is Past Job Experience Enough to Assess a Candidate?

Now, let’s talk about candidate assessment. Do you only assess candidates based on their resumes? Sure, the resume is a great summary of the candidate’s skills and accomplishments. But you should not base your hiring decision on resumes alone.

You will find hundreds of credible articles online that tell you why a standard resume is not enough for making a hiring decision.

When you are hiring a new person, you should assess candidates on their ability to add value to your existing team. Will the recruit struggle to bond with your current staff? Or will he get the hang of your organizational culture in no time? These are also important aspects to consider when making a hiring decision.


Before we conclude, here are a few challenges every HR manager faces. If you end up hiring the wrong person, and your software architect decides to leave the job after only a few weeks, you might have to spend 33% of that employee’s annual salary to find a replacement. And that’s a lot, given the average software architect salary. So, always look for people who at least seem reliable. That’s not a guarantee of success, but it’s a good start.

Also, always try to build a meaningful relationship with all candidates, even if they do not fit your current vacancy. If an applicant does not meet the requirements to apply to your job, make sure you take the time and explain which qualities are lacking. Write an email and tell them why you are not able to proceed with their application at this moment.

Remember that currently, unsuitable candidates are also a great source of leads for your company. Add them to your email newsletters list. This way, they can track future job openings and apply to whichever meets their qualifications.

Finally, consider taking matters into your own hands and search for passive candidates yourself. Often, it is better to hire someone experienced, especially when it comes to high-responsibility openings.

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