7 Genius Dental Marketing Strategies to Try This 2021

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7 Genius Dental Marketing  Strategies to Try This 2021

Unless you started 2021 with an abundance of clients wanting to get their teeth checked, you likely need to develop a strong marketing strategy to get people through the door. This goes double during a cautious time when people are wary of close-contact services.

Given rapid changes in technology and consumer behavior, it’s imperative for dental practices to evolve alongside these changes. All while assuring patients a hundred percent guarantee for a comfortable and safe visit, innovative adjustments are your top priority.

Now that 2021 is underway, dental practices struggling to keep up need to hit the bull’s eye on their dental marketing efforts.

Before you can break through the competitive glass ceiling, you’ll need to first understand what makes for an effective dental marketing campaign.

7 Genius Dental Marketing  Strategies to Try This 2021

What Makes Dental Marketing Effective?

It’s easy to get confused by the myriad ways you can potentially market your dental practice in today’s information sphere, but fundamentally, these strategies work based on three major elements:

  • Visibility – Every dental practice should ensure they are visible to their clients. In practice, this means being a top option on the first page of results whenever users conduct an online search for dental services in their area. When a user types into search engines “Invisalign in Burlington” or “Invisalign near me,” the first thing they should see is your clinic or website. Only then can you really have a good chance at netting potential customers?
  • Credibility – Patients expect meticulousness and care when it comes to dental services. This is why patients look for assurance when choosing their dentists. No small wonder, your marketing strategies must focus on establishing credibility to assure patients that you are in the business of their best interests.
  • Social Proof – It’s essential to put your satisfied patients’ opinions in front of your potential customers to develop trust. When people find your dental practice worth their time and effort with the help of good reviews from others, they will not hesitate to book an appointment.

7 Genius Dental Marketing  Strategies to Try This 2021

Genius Dental Strats to Try This 2021

Now that we have discussed the basics of marketing for your dental business, let’s talk about specifics you can put into action right away to attract potential customers and increase business growth.

1. Paid Advertising

Paid ads should be your go-to for reaching potential customers. Within the targeted area, ads can do the majority of the heavy lifting for you once you set it and forget it.

Here are some of the most populated platforms you can consider for ad placement:

  • Google Ads – to help you target people with different demographics. When people in your locality search for dentists online, Google puts you in front of them. An SEO company for dentists or lawyers uses PPC (pay-per-click) advertising for this to work well and quickly.
  • YouTube – to broadcast your presence. You will need to film short commercials or create skippable video ads to target potential customers whom the algorithms determine are interested in dental health.
  • Facebook Ads – to allow you to increase brand awareness, run ads, and reach people looking for a dental practice in your area. You pay for these ads whenever the ad is seen and not just when clicked.

2. Content Marketing

Integrating content marketing into your websites showcases your knowledge and expertise to potential clients. For instance, you can write articles about Invisalign with attachments or tips for better dental health. If more people click on your website for your content, it drives Google traffic, which gives you a higher rank whenever people search for help.

Today, people want useful and relevant information that they can find on Google. Make sure you show up in front of them when they need you.

3. Google My Business Listings

Understand that setting up your Google My Business Listing can either make or break your business. This is a tool in which you can manage your listings for free. It’s where customers find relevant information about your business such as your address, contact information, and Google reviews.

7 Genius Dental Marketing  Strategies to Try This 2021

4. Video Marketing

The visual aspect of marketing remains a surefire way to engage with your audience. Take advantage of this with video marketing to develop a connection with prospective clients. This can lead to trust, recommendations, and, ultimately, appointments.

You can use video marketing to showcase your expertise and interactions with your patients, customer testimonials, and staff overviews or highlight your dental practice’s unique quality, among other things.

5. Social Media Marketing

Social media is the default way to score social proof and visibility for our business. Make sure to post the human side of your dental practice, highlighting dental tips and patients’ glowing reviews on whatever platform you decide suits your business.

Also consider influencer marketing, which is where you partner up with social media influencers with large followings to increase the reach of your online presence. Reach out to some influencers and get them to do posts that promote your dental practice on Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram.

6. Appointment Reminder Systems

Creating reminders for appointments helps your clients stay in touch and not miss out on scheduled appointments or recurring checkups. The directness of it also helps prevent cancellations and is a great way to contact patients who haven’t booked an appointment in a while.

7. Automated Email Campaigns

When people visit your website, don’t forget to ask for their email addresses with their permission to send in promotional alerts or newsletters. This will allow you to build a solid list of clients interested in hearing back from you.

To further optimize your email list, start automating your email blasts to maintain a timely and relevant flow of special offers during the holidays, birthdays, or other targeted calendar-based promotional campaigns.

Go Get Started!

This 2021 as with every other year, marketing remains king, and smart marketers take all. Don’t get left behind. Spearhead your business success with these dental marketing strategies and increase client bookings today!

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