How Online Software Companies Have Made Our Work Lives Easier

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How Online Software Companies Have Made Our Work Lives Easier

Technology has made our lives better, but the benefits go way beyond the possibility of booking a trip online or ordering a handbag from China. The advent of ever new and improved technology is quietly transforming the workplace, allowing businesses to increase productivity while making the employees’ workload lighter. Let’s have a look at the digital revolution in the workplace.

Cloud Technology Kept Businesses Alive During the Pandemic

We were lucky the pandemic hit the world in 2020 and not ten or 20 years ago. As it is, many companies were able to keep operating even when millions of people were under severe lockdowns as cloud storage allowed them to carry on with their work while staying safe at home.

With millions of people working from home, companies can monitor the time their employees actually work using time tracking software and manage timesheets in real-time. Yet other software programs allow business owners to gauge productivity and look at ways to increase it.

The Benefits of Virtual Meetings

Virtual meeting platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, or Skype saw exponential growth in terms of users in 2020 and companies were able to conduct staff meetings, job interviews, seminars or talk to business partners. People all over the world spent billions of hours on such platforms and many will continue to use them even when things go back to normal. It’s not only about staying safe but about saving a lot of time and money. Instead of traveling hundreds of miles for a two-hour meeting with a client, it is more efficient to schedule a Zoom call. A few years ago that would have seemed rude, but people are now accepting a virtual meeting is just as good.

How Online Software Change the Lives of HR Managers

The introduction of AI-based software was a great improvement as far as people in the Human Resources sector are concerned. For one thing, software programs can sift through hundreds of job applications in a matter of minutes, if not less, and sort out the candidates based on their qualifications. Such a task used to take hours, leaving HR employees exhausted and bored out of their wits.

At the same time, using virtual meetings, businesses are able to expand their resource pool and find suitable employees located in another part of the country or, indeed, the world.

Another invaluable tool for HR managers is the online agencies that perform national police checks without any red tape or the need for people to go down to the police station. Pandemic or not, you still need to check the character of your prospective employees and all you have to do is to access an accredited online agency that can provide a valid background check, with the results coming in via email in a couple of days. There are a number of online providers that can do this. For example, if you are after a local solution in a country like Australia then you can use the Australian national character check Australia. If you are after an international solution for people all over the world then you can use something like First Advantage.

Digital Marketing Gives Everybody a Shot

Marketing your products is essential for any business, whether it is an established one or one just starting up. Digital marketing, especially using social media platforms allows a company to make itself known virtually everywhere in the world. If you’re an Australian company looking to expand your business into Europe all you need to do is develop a smart strategy to make your products known to the customers in that area. You don’t even have to rely on local advertising companies, you can implement your marketing strategy from your office situated across the world.

As monumental as these changes might seem, keep in mind this is just the beginning!

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