Top 5 Twitter Mistakes to Avoid When Promoting Account

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Top 5 Twitter Mistakes to Avoid When Promoting Account

Making Spelling, Grammar or Punctuation Mistakes

Unless your goal is to embarrass your brand while causing confusion, there is no excuse for bad grammar or spelling. With character limits across all social platforms, it is crucial to get your point across within every post. Getting your point across can be completed as professionally and error-free as possible. Mistakes within your posts diminish your reputation, spark confusion, and will be taken the wrong way.

The best way to avoid grammatical or punctual mistakes is to spell-check and schedule your content in advance. Utilize free spell check platforms developed with the intent of spell-checking your content as you are writing.

Not Utilizing A Strategic Plan

Sticking to a cookie-cutter execution plan is best when you are emerging into your desired target market. In terms of longevity, a flexible strategic plan defines your brand while setting up your account for success.

Avoid implementing a plan that does not bind or confine you. Keep your goals in mind while operating your account. Failure to utilize a strategic plan leaves room for error that appears sporadic and can harm your reputation.

Not Engaging With Your Audience

Many Twitter users forget the entire purpose of Twitter — to be social. If you do not take part in the engagement, you may as well not use it at all. Connecting with your audience consists of offering feedback, answering questions, and retweeting relevant posts.

Although engagement does not guarantee a larger following, such acts make a huge difference in feedback. Engagement builds relationships and awareness of your brand. When in need of a larger audience to engage with, guide your instinct to this site to purchase cheap twitter followers.

Using Inconsistent Tactics

Brand Voice

Your brand’s voice is what sets the tone. Whichever uniformity you choose to establish, you want it to remain consistent. If your brand’s voice is witty, remain witty all the time or implement such a voice strategically so that level of familiarity best resonates with your audience.

Inconsistently switching your brand’s voice will have a huge impact on how your audience views your business. Another pro tip— utilizing a unique voice will make your marketing messages more memorable. If your brand’s voice is best expressed visually, we agree with Forbes when they shared “Colors used with imagery should be in line with brand colors. From the tone of voice to font choice to post frequency and others, maintain consistency in everything involving your brand. This way, you’ll be noticed and remembered.”

Posting Times

If there is one thing that should not remain consistent, is your posting times. Today’s algorithms do not allow your followers to see everything you post when stuck to one posting schedule. The solution is to find an automated scheduler. From there you are able to schedule your posts at different times of the day to reach potential customers.

Although scheduling at the same time daily might work best for your schedule, your account will appear as spammy and will ultimately end up being flagged as spam. If you are curious about how to best avoid such issues, study your analytics tools to discover when your followers are more responsive to your tweets. If your analytics are also inconsistent, experiment with different posting times to find a sporadic schedule that best works for you and your brand. Hubspot stresses the importance of measuring your results and how “Having goals also help determine when your strategy isn’t working”

Burst Posting

Burst posting consists of mass posting within a small window of time. Falling silent is typically followed behavior. Multi-posting deems unprofessional. Spread your posts to achieve a higher chance of reaching your potential audience. With the help of your account’s management tools, your audience may grow larger.

If your thoughts or announcements exceed your character limit, utilize tweet threads for a better, organized presentation of what you’d like to share on your account.


Your content goes hand in hand with each bullet point above. Your content must align with your brand’s voice. Whether a visual or a text post, your material must correlate to the message your brand is sending.

In regards to posting times, your content should match the day and time you publish. If you are scheduling in advance, be sure your morning post does not resemble nighttime language. For example, if you are trying to engage with your audience by asking them what they have planned for the day, be sure not to post too late in the day. If your content is scheduled to publish at a later time of the day, asking them to purchase a product or register to your mailing list might not be ideal as the evening results in less activity.

Aimlessly publishing content in bulk is a bad PR move in itself. If you find the need to publish multiple posts, be sure they all relate. For example, if your company is releasing a new product or a must-see campaign, it is best to publish engaging content solely about that particular announcement.

Publishing multiple unrelated posts causes confusion and will in turn lose the interest of your supporters.

Not Using MultiMedia

Using multimedia sparks visual appeal. Posting graphics, videos, and gifs stand out and attract a wider audience. Relying on the text will keep your engagement undesirably low. If you want to attract and maintain your potential audience, utilize a balanced mix. Until then, the benefit of both worlds benefits your account’s needs.

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