How to Choose a Business Phone System for Your Company

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How to Choose a Business Phone System for Your Company

When running a growing business, a phone system will eventually become a necessity. That’s why the best choice to consider is an 0345 line. If unfamiliar, 03 lines are non-geographic numbers not tied to a particular location.

What makes them unique is that they cost the same as calling 01 or 02 numbers. They are usually part of the bundled minutes allowance on phone packages. So, they are free to call from anywhere in the UK, on landline or mobile phone.

Usually, there can be many questions to consider like, why choose an 0345 number? What is the cost of 0345 numbers on cNumber, etc? It’s important to assess the available choices carefully.

How to Choose the Right Phone System

Shop Around

Shop around to find the best price. Also always try and get like-for-like quotes based on the set of requirements, not predefined packages. Some providers offer a price matching service, users can also view what’s on offer from cNumber to compare.

Check Their Awards

Industry awards are a good place to start if stuck. It’s good proof that a company is being recognized for the quality of its products and services.

Assess Call Plans

If the business will make a great volume of international calls find out if they will be covered in an overall call plan. If the case is not then try to be cost-effective by comparing the price of extra minutes.

Get a Free Trial

Try before buying and if it’s not allowed, then look elsewhere. It’s essential to provide any prospective system a real-world test-drive before choosing. So test it in the office environment and get a free trial.


A Service Level Agreement is the level of service that is to be expected. These depend from provider to provider so make sure to ask for a copy and compare.

Check the Fine Print

Unlimited almost never actually means that. So check the policy thoroughly. Find out what destinations and numbers are excluded from call plans.

Check if the agreement will auto-renew or need some proper action to be canceled.

Speak to Current Customers

Read reviews, testimonials, and case studies to get an idea of who they have worked with previously. Businesses can also talk to existing clients about their experience.

Check the Contract Length

some providers have on a hand a range of fixed-term agreement lengths or very flexible rolling agreements. Check out how upgrades or additional services can shift the contract term and how they affect the overall price.


If the business has no technical experience on hand or has an IT resource nearby then don’t panic. There are independent consultants available. It’s crucial to understand what is on offer as it’s the system that will be used every day.

So do make sure to get assistance if necessary.


Once all the necessary research is done and dusted, the business will be ready to install and use its new phone system. All the questions like the cost of 0345 numbers etc, should be answered by this point. So, why wait?

Get an 0345 line with cNumber today!

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