How to Find a Good Blog Topic

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How to find a good blog topic

When it comes to your umpteenth blog post every now and then writers encounter a lack of inspiration. Hours can be spent staring at the screen not knowing what to write with no ideas jumping from the mind.

While it can be an even more daunting experience writing your first blog piece – what to write? how to construct and what topic to choose? – these questions can go racing around the mind.

Upon creating your own blog, the most critical decision you make is choosing your blog topics. All successful bloggers know to have a great blog, you must always keep the interest of your audience in mind with fresh topical content. As to have a successful blog, you will always need to keep your audience engaged.

Here we will give you 5 tips which should inspire you in finding your next blog topic:

Keyword Research

All smart bloggers who have a solid SEO strategy will have executed a thorough keyword research. So, on your desk or in a file should be a document containing hundreds of words you’re aiming to rank for.

Obviously, a keyword is just a start towards picking a topic for a post, pick a longtail keyword and Google it. You can find out immediately if it’s popular and it may lead you to that all important blog topic.

Such research can take time but by choosing popular topics you are likely to increase traffic to your blog. It can also outline blog post ideas and topics your competitors may be lacking in, giving you the opportunity to capitalise.

Find Trendy Topics

Being up to speed with the latest online trending topics can help you in choosing your next blog topic. Blog topic generators help inspire bloggers in creating fresh, enticing, clickable content. BuzzSumo is one such online tool which is fantastic for finding trendy topics.

By performing a search on a topic, keyword or domain, results are filtered across social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+ and Linkedin by the number of total shares. You will get a feel for what is trending by simply skimming the headlines returned in the search.

Amazon Book List

Researching Amazon book lists and titles can also help in selecting a good blog topic idea. Here you can find books about your blog niche, by browsing the table of contents and the chapter titles, it can inspire dozens of narrower blog topics. While the best content marketing books can also be found here.

Head Outdoors

If you’ve been sitting at your desk for a long-time lacking inspiration, it may be time to change your surroundings. Taking a stroll outside to clear your head may help those ideas slide into your mind.

Upon your return you may feel much more inspired and the ideas will turn to topics in no time. Of course, if the rain clouds are out a coffee break may also do the trick.

Check Out Experts in Your Niche

If you are in a pickle for blog topics it is always worthwhile researching the content and topics the experts in your niche are writing about. A great way to get content from experts which can also help generate topic ideas for your blog, is to interview the experts in your niche.

Don’t be afraid to ask as you may be surprised with their willingness to oblige.

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