How To Hack Hackers While Online Gaming?

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How To Hack Hackers While Online Gaming?

If you are a gamer and spend hours while playing games, then you are an easy target for hackers. It doesn’t matter if you are a tech-savvy or not what matters is how you deal with the threat. Hackers are online, and they know a lot of stuff, they are also there to spend money if needed and only search for a single chance from the gamer to hack into.

Can you hack the hacker himself? Well, that is a much wider statement, let’s get on with the details.

What Really Matters – Security or Privacy?

Both privacy and security matter, I know that sounds very frustrating, but you will say the same after reading the entire article. Security without privacy is like a hole in a balloon. When it comes to the gaming apps, you can be protected only if you have a strong password with your gaming account. If your gaming passwords are the same as your password for Facebook, PayPal, and email, then you are the most vulnerable to hacking.

Password leak happen quite often, hackers input the niche, for instance, the banking site, and if your password is same both online baking and gaming, then you will be screwed.

Where Should You Start With?

Start by setting a stronger password. Passwords like “Password123” are so easy to guess, and so is “Starwars.” These popular yet common passwords are easily guessed, and the account is compromised. It is also uniquely dangerous to put passwords like a 4th grader, for instance, “Pikachu” or “Beyblade.”

Changing your password is tedious, but it is super important to avoid a security breach. You need to have a crazy password for everything. Make it as long as you can remember it and use symbols and capital letters. Alternatively, download a password manager and set different passwords for, Steam, Xbox Live, Discord, and Amazon.

Consider using a gaming VPN; it is just like playing with a mask on and hiding your identity.

Opt for Two Factor Authentication

Setting up two-factor authentication can really make some difference. Someone can log into your MMORPG account and hack in your hard-earned gold. Getting a two-factor authentication will tell you when someone would try to hack into your account. There are a lot of gaming apps that allow you to enable two-factor authentication. Some from the many are listed below.

• Electronic Arts (origin)

• FaceIT

• Garena Online

• Roberts Space Industries

• Rockstar Games Social Club

• Xbox Live/Microsoft

• Wildstar

• Ubisoft/Uplay

If you are wondering where is “League of Legends,” then my suggestion to you is to email them about it make sure you tell them that you need this feature as basic two factors are something that is worth demanding.

PlayStation, Xbox, and Steam account have privacy settings. The switch might have limited setting options, but that is because Nintendo online service doesn’t show a friend’s name. You must familiarize yourself with privacy settings and modulate them as per your liking. 

The Playstation’s Network settings ask people to see your actual name, Microsoft blocks Xbox users real name by default. There was once a bug however in Xbox which was revealing the real names of gamers, but that is history. On steam, you can hide pretty much everything, even how many hours you have played PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds).

Identify Phishing and Stay Precaution

You might get shocked if someone sends you free Fortnite bucks via email won’t you and in return only ask for your social security number in the website which looks more like

Always remember nothing is for free online. Even if something is, then it is because it is not charging money for it directly. It might be retaining logs and sharing your data with advertisers.

These are all hackers’ tricks which won’t get affected by how hard the password is or if you have enabled two-factor authentication.

Any website which offers free video game skins or coins is nothing but shady. Especially if a stranger directly emails or message you through a game.

Another trick can be if a stranger messages you and says that your scrolls account is compromised and ask for your username and password to get it back, just search him up on Google to see if he is legit or a fakester.

What Should You Hide While Playing Online Games?

If you are playing video games online then here is what you need to protect;

• Your full name

• Your birthday

• Your phone number

• Full names of people that are close to you

• Banking information

• Social security number

• The address of your home

• Physical places that you have visited, like restaurants, stores, etc.

If any of this information gets in the wrong hands, it will spell exactly who you really are and will help find you. There isn’t any reason to give out any of the information from the list above while you play a game online.


Whether you play a video game or chess online, it is important to use a standalone email and robust password. This will help you protect your online identity private and refrain any hacker from using disclosed information. Some games like World of Warcraft sue authenticator styled system to add more protection in the gaming account.

Although there is no foolproof way of keeping your online identity protected, however, you must elevate the amount of risk in order to feel safe and play your favorite game at peace.

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