5 Potential Digital Marketing Jobs for Email Marketers in 2019

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5 Potential Digital Marketing Jobs for Email Marketers in 2019

Business functions across all business departments in organizations are increasingly becoming digitized. Marketing, specifically, is one of the areas where digital technology has taken center stage. Careers in digital marketing are consequently becoming more popular and in high demand.

For email marketers, career growth opportunities can only be limited to one’s imagination. This is because email marketing enables you to gather useful skills in working with data and technology, as well as allowing you to be more creative. These are skills you can apply in a variety of interesting jobs. Below are 5 potential career paths for email marketers:

1. Remain a Life-long Email Marketer

Choosing to remain an email marketer is perfectly okay if that is what one wants. There are opportunities for vertical growth in email marketing. Businesses will continue to need digital marketing experts who can implement winning email strategies. With reliable targeting, messaging, analytics and measurement expertise, there’s merely nothing to stop you from scaling your career as an email marketer to the skies. Embrace constant improvement in your areas of expertise and there is no doubt that email marketing can be a highly rewarding long-term career you.

The most obvious vertical growth opportunity for email marketers is growing into an email marketing manager. Job descriptions for email marketing managers indicate that the applicant should be able to create, implement and analyze email campaigns. As an email marketing manager, you will be the leader in email marketing strategies which involve running campaigns end-to-end, creating newsletters and managing email databases.

Your experience in email marketing has most likely exposed you to various web technologies and innovative ideas useful for increasing sales. You can find your undisputed place in management as an email marketing manager.

2. Marketing Analyst

5 Potential Digital Marketing Jobs for Email Marketers in 2019

Data forms the core of any great email program. Email marketers of nowadays are strong in harnessing the power of data analytics. As a result, the demand for analytics work is hitting the ceilings in the digital marketing departments of businesses across the globe.

If you are strong in data analytics, becoming a marketing analyst is probably one of the most viable career growth avenues for email marketers. Combining the skills you learn as an email marketer and analytics proficiency make you instrumental in an organization’s entire marketing function, and this could mean more responsibilities and a bigger salary.

3. Email Designer/Web Copywriter/Creative Director

Are you proficient in using email builders such as postcards email template builder and enjoy creating attractive and responsive email templates and designs? You might want to look into jobs like email designer, web copywriter, and creative director.

Email marketing requires a high level of creativity. Content, whether in images or words, determines the success of the email strategy. This is just like in the named jobs. You can use your email marketing experience as a springboard into creative roles across the digital marketing space.

4. Digital Marketing Consultant

Many experienced email marketers eventually decide to work independently of particular brands or marketing agencies. If you have the ambition to go it alone, start a digital marketing consultancy and even grow it to an agency if you like. As businesses embrace outsourcing, demand for consultants will continue to rise. Therefore, if you can implement or help refine an email strategy or digital marketing plan, it would be a good move to become a digital marketing consultant. You may also be looking at opportunities like training staff and running workshops for individuals who wish to learn digital marketing skills that you have.

Consultants can work directly with several brands. Once you establish your digital marketing consultancy, you can hire people and grow your venture to unlimited levels. It is important to note that strategic thinking is an essential competence for running a successful digital marketing consultancy. Strategic thinking will enable you to understand the marketplace as well as consumers and know how a company can use its abilities to make the best out of opportunities in the market.

5. Customer Relationship Manager (CRM Manager)

5 Potential Digital Marketing Jobs for Email Marketers in 2019

A CRM Manager manages the organization’s CRM to ensure that the company makes the most out of marketing opportunities. S/he plans and delivers CRM strategies across the organization with the aim of encouraging customer loyalty and customer retention.

Becoming a CRM Manager is a good choice for an email marketer because it often requires extensive experience in digital marketing and a strong background in customer acquisition, retention, and re-engagement.

Email marketing professionals perform various marketing automation tasks like regular email campaigns. Some of the directly applicable email marketing skills for CRM management include delivering targeted marketing campaigns as well as customer communications. Also, just like in email marketing, working with data is a core competency for CRM Managers. These are aspects that any competitive email marketer should be well-versed.

Whether you intend to remain in email marketing or take up other related jobs, there are many reasons why anything to do with email marketing has great career success prospects. Consider the following facts:

  • If done right, email marketing can provide an ROI or up to 3800%. A 2017 study by Data & Marketing Association showed that email marketing provides the best ROI among all digital marketing methods. Other studies have revealed that the majority of customers today prefer receiving marketing promotions via email. According to McKinsey, emails have a 40 times higher chance of successfully acquiring a customer compared to social media platforms.
  • Approximately 92 percent of adults use email, with 61 percent using it daily
  • More than 60 per of businesses think that email marketing is one of the best digital marketing methods.

With the higher appreciation of email marketing by businesses of all sizes comes more job opportunities for email marketers. It’s clear that there are many jobs that incorporate marketing and technical skills, and these should be the target for email marketers seeking career growth opportunities. If you enjoy immersing yourself into the digital world through various ways including marketing research, data analytics, programming, and so on, the above career avenues can provide you a career that is both enjoyable and lucrative. Most of the mentioned jobs may overlap to certain extents, but the point is there are lots of jobs that require the application of email marketing expertise.

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