5 Hacks That Will Help You Create Easy Training Videos For Staff

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 5 Hacks That Will Help You Create Easy Training Videos For Staff

Training videos are an essential part of the modern workplace. They reduce the need to explain company policies and expectations in person, and can be an effective way to train employees in less hands-on tasks. Like any other presentation, a training video must be organized, concise, and engaging. Here are some hacks to help you create easy training videos.

Organize the Presentation

The first and most important part of making an effective training video is organization. An unorganized presentation is an ineffective one. Disorganization can lead to boredom, confusion, and disengagement. We’ve all seen those training videos that seem to skip all over the place and never seem to deliver a clear message. How hard was it to stay engaged with that video?

Before you even think of creating a training video, be sure to have all of your training materials ready to put to video. Have any staff participating in the video ready as well; make sure they know their part and what’s expected of them. You can use a conference calling service to get everyone on the same page prior to creating your video. Doing these simple things will not only make the production process simpler and smoother, but it will ensure that you’re producing the most effective and concise training video possible.

Use Online Recording Software

Perhaps one of the easiest and least expensive ways to create easy training videos is via online screen recording software. You can use this to record your powerpoint presentation or other information right from your computer.

Often these services will include webcam and microphone recording as well so you can add clips of you or other employees into the training video. This saves the time and cost of buying expensive recording equipment or even hiring someone to do your recording for you.

There are dozens of online recording software sites, but some of the top rated are Apowersoft, Toolster, and Screentoaster. These are all free screen recording sites, which will help you in saving money on your production costs. 

If Money Allows, Invest In Some Decent Tools

If you’re able to stretch your budget a bit, investing in the right tools is a good idea. Video editing software like Adobe Premiere, or Final Cut will allow you to create high-quality training videos. A good camera, a reliable microphone, and editing software can make the final product look professional.

A pixelated, choppy video with poor audio quality is much more likely to cause disengagement than a high definition one. The right tools make any job easier, though in some cases the budget may not allow such investments. If that is the case, you can always hire someone with the right tools to produce your video or you, or rent equipment and software. 

Enlist Your Employees’ Creativity

Since your employees have already gone through the training process, enlisting their help in producing your training video can be a great way to create engaging content. Ask them what could have been different in the training process, what they liked and disliked, and whether or not they found the process to be engaging and effective.

You may also find that some of your employees have hidden talents, such as video editing or filming or even creating presentations. Enlisting their help will not only save time and possibly money, but it will give the training video a different feel; coming from the perspective of a fellow employee rather than management. Be sure to ask if any employees have ideas for the training video or any skills they’d be willing to lend to the production process. You might just be pleasantly surprised. 

Film Your Topics One At A Time

With something as daunting as creating training videos, it’s easy to get swept up in the “get it all done” mentality. It’s best to avoid this and tackle your topics one at a time to ensure the information is delivered concisely and effectively.

If you’re producing a video on how to run machinery, or how a certain process works in your company, you’ll want to take the time to make a thorough explanation before moving on to the next topic.

A training video is only as effective as the information it contains. If you’re rushing through to get it done, you’re likely to leave out key pieces of information, which can only serve to harm the company in the end. 

Here are some tips for filming effectively:

  • Film your topics in order 
  • Always finish the topic you’re working on before attempting to film another
  • Make sure the video is completely relevant only to that particular topic 
  • Only include details that are necessary to the topic or process

It’s a good idea to let your current employees view your videos before they’re released to your trainers. This is a way of not only double checking your work but also getting valuable feedback from the experts themselves. After all, who knows how to do the job better than the people doing it?

Videos Are Extremely Effective When Done Correctly

Videos have become one of the best marketing tools in the digital world. The ability to deliver a vast amount of information in a short time period is as invaluable in training as it is in marketing. Creating effective training videos can be easy as long as you remember to organize your ideas and use the right tools for the job. This will ensure that all of your information is delivered in an engaging, effective way.

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