How To Identify Car History Online Using Vehicle Identification Number

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Find Out About Car’s History with Vehicle Identification Number

When buying a used car, you have to be aware of the existence of a certain number that virtually every vehicle has. With the help of this number, a new owner can find out a lot about the vehicle, starting with its manufacture and ending in accidents the car was registered in. This 17-character code can help a potential buyer make the right decision when planning to buy a certain vehicle.

A vehicle identification number (VIN) is a unique code that identifies a specific automobile. It consists of 17 characters – digits and numbers – that serve the role of the car’s identifier. By reading the code, we can find out about the manufacturer, specifications, and features of the automobile. So, what do we need to know about vehicle identification number before buying a car?

  • Where to Find The VIN Number?
  • The meaning of numbers and letters (VIN decode).
  • VIN decoding with the help of a free VIN decoder.
  • VIN coding as a means of tracking a car’s history.

VIN Code

VIN code is used by the majority of car manufacturers and is supported in almost all countries. It is especially useful for drivers who want to buy a used automobile. With the help of VIN, they can find out about accidents the vehicle has been, in or thefts. VIN coding aligns with the ISO 3779-1983 standard that has been used for more than 30 years. In 1982, this standard was approved by the following countries:

  • Egypt,
  • Ireland,
  • France,
  • Belgium,
  • Poland,
  • USA,
  • Australia,
  • Switzerland, and others.

This way, with the help of the VIN code it is possible to obtain information about any vehicle manufactured during the last 30 years.

How To Identify Car History Online Using Vehicle Identification Number

VIN Decoder

VIN Decoder and VIN Check are the two independent services that allow obtaining two different reports. VIN decoder is free of charge service used to find out the car’s manufacturer, year of production, model, gearing system, etc. The given lookup on a vehicle gives information on the car’s history, license plate, recall, and vehicle value.

VIN Check

VIN Check service is partially free since it gives more profound information on a car’s history such as accidents, buying-selling, and automobile maintenance history. The report also includes information on the car’s value, license plate, price, recall, and existing defects. A full report is accessible only for payment.

How To Validate a VIN In JavaScript Application?

A valid VIN can be easily validated in a web browser using a simple JavaScript code. This code can do the VIN format check and ensure user input is valid.  
You can also use a VIN validator library like this one.

Getting a VIN report is a must-do for every used car buyer. Such a car report is easily performed with the help of free VIN decoding services. You can make a VIN lookup on the Internet and order VIN decoding or VIN check of the automobile of interest. Knowing vehicle history is crucial for any car buyer since it allows us to ensures there will be no problems with the car in the future and the money is not wasted. A vehicle history report is a smart way of car purchase and car ownership.

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