12 Online Credit Card Processing Libraries for eCommerce Websites

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Payment Processing Libraries for eCommerce Websites

Online payment processing is not as easy as it seems. There are many online payment processing services that can process credit cards online. In this article, we are focused on the libraries that can help you build or integrate your own payment processing online. Some of these libraries provide advanced payment solutions that can support international, mobile and other online secure payment features.

As e-commerce picks momentum and turns into a world favorite, it has become essential to launch payment processing services that accept payment from your web app. It is vital that these services provide security for peace of mind of the customers who rely on the web app to make the purchases online.

Payment processing libraries are the backbone of the online e-commerce industry globally. Without payment processing, e-commerce as we know it today, simply would not exist. Hence, in this article, let us discuss excellent payment processing libraries for web apps.


This is a payment processing library for PHP. Designed on the basis of ideas from Active Merchant and experience of implementing dozens of gateways for CI Merchant, it has a
clear as well as consistent API, which is fully unit tested. You can use OmniPay to learn one API and use it in multiple projects using different payment gateways. Also, there is no need to rewrite the code if you need to change payment gateways.

Key Features
• Credit card payment processing
• Payment processing library for PHP
• Clear as well as consistent API
• Fully unit tested

Online merchants can connect to the Authorize.Net payment gateway via their websites and avail of the complex infrastructure and security that is necessary to ensure fast as well as reliable cum secure transaction of transmission data. is capable of routing the transactions just like a traditional credit card machine that is found in the physical real world. However, uses the Internet rather than a phone line. The payment gateway is available 24/7 for processing transactions. A number of value-added services are also
available for e-commerce merchants worldwide.

Key Features

• Payment Gateway & Merchant Account
• Payment Gateway Only
• Advanced Fraud Detection Suite
• Customer Information Manager
• Automated Recurring Billing
• Sync for QuickBooks
• Credit card payments online

Cardinal Commerce

Leading e-commerce payment processor Cardinal Commerce was founded in 1999. Today, Cardinal has grown to become a global leader in enabling authenticated payments, secure transactions, as well as alternative payment brands. The company’s products are used globally in more than 200 countries as well as in more than 180 different currencies.

Key Features

• Customer Authentication
• Alternative Payments
• Hosted Checkout
• Digital gift Cards
• Universal Wallet API
• Cardinal Max
• Cardinal Centinel

Fat Zebra

Fat Zebra is a simple way for merchants to accept credit card payments online. They can accept credit card payments online while still maintaining security, reliability, as well as providing better customer support services. The company is a tier 1 PCI-DSS certified payment gateway. The company has cleared a related audit that covers 12 different requirements that cover physical security,
storage as the transmission of credit card data, data security, and others. Besides, the company also performs a range of external as well as internal security scans that follows secure coding standards.

Key Features

• The simple online process for merchants to accept payments
• Custom hosted the payment page
• Real-time dashboard
• Quick and easy access to transaction records


Moneris is one of North America’s leading payment processors. It processes more than 3 billion credit and debit card transactions a year for more than 350,000 merchant locations across North America. The company provides it’s various solutions by becoming a single point of contact for VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, INTERAC Direct Payment, as well as all POS solutions. The company is a joint investment between the RBC Financial Group and the BMO Financial Group (including Chicago based Harris Bank).

Key Features

• Hosted Paypage
• Virtual Terminal
• API Integration

This is a payment processing framework in PHP 5.3+. The framework covers Paypal, Stripe, Payex, Authorize.NET, Be2bill, Klarna, recurring payments, instant notifications
and many more. is all about payments. Its vision is to provide the end solution by keeping a high level of customization. Payum, org is not only a handy tool for providing basic tasks such as capture or refund, but also for recurring payments or instant notifications as well.

Key Features

• Framework in PHP 5.3+
• Covers Paypal, Stripe, Authorize.Net, etc.
• Recurring payments
• Instant notifications and many more


This is a reputed payment processor that offers a comprehensive portfolio of integrated payment products and services that help control costs as well as increase revenues. The company offers fast, secure, affordable, and reliable payment technology to local merchants along with many value added services such as gift cards as well as mobile reward programs. The company offers small and medium-size businesses a wide range of integrated payment products and services that can be immensely useful in controlling costs as well as increasing revenues.

Key Features

• Payment Processing
• Stored Value
• Gift Cards
• Security


WorldPay is one of the world’s leading payment companies. Its products are utilized by thousands and thousands of commercial companies around the globe. WorldPay works with all types and sizes of businesses, making it easier for companies to take payments and helping them keep online and open for business. The company’s robust systems process millions of transactions per day and hundreds of simultaneous transactions a second. For smaller companies, it also helps them to scale up business when they grow and help them minimize the risk of fraud. WorldPay operates around the globe, by supporting 120 different currencies and more than 200 payment types.

Key Features

• Paypage
• Integrated Paypage
• Virtual Terminal

Realex Payments

Realex is one of the reputed online payment gateways in Europe and is also amongst the largest and fastest growing gateways. It provides a range of payment processing services for business that sell online. The company
processes payments valued in excess of Euro 28 billion per annum of behalf of 12,500 retailers throughout the continent. Since its foundation in 2000, the company has experienced year on year growth and has established a strong reputation amongst the industry.

Key Features

• Realex payments
• Online Payments
• Integration
• Virtual Terminal
• Card Storage
• Fraud Management
• Currency Management
• Online Reporting

E-xact Transactions

E-xact transactions have been in operation since the past ten years, delivering merchant satisfaction via fast, protected transaction processing. The solutions they provide cover hosted checkout, software packages, recurring billing, and point of sale solutions.

Key Features

• Realtime Payment Manager
• Hosted payment pages
• Recurring Payments


This company has over 15 years of experience working with merchants to grow their online businesses. The company is a trusted online gateway partner to thousands of merchants and offers the most advanced and secures Level 1 PCI: DSS compliant online processing to millions of card holders.
The online payment gateway is highly flexible and can be integrated into thousands of shopping cart systems. Also, the company provides the right online payment solution to a range of businesses right from startups to global corporations as well as charities.

Key Features

• Cardstream payment gateway

Bridge Pay

Bridge Pay is the brainchild of BridgePay Network Solutions, LLC., which is a transaction gateway company that specializes in providing turnkey payment application solutions with the help of industry leading data security technology as well as premium web based solutions. The company offers is merchants as well as partners a comprehensive suite of payment products such as Bridge Pay,
Network Link as well as Secure Link. The company has a broad network of processing partners that offers connectivity to over 30 domestic as well as international processors, 6 ACH providers as well as 5 gift card companies. It supports both ‘card present’ and ‘ecommerce features’ as well as has a few more exciting features for ecommerce merchants.

Key Features

• Bridgepay Gateway
• Mybridgepay
• Paylink
• Securelink
• Weblink
• Giftlink
• Paylink4rms
• International Processing

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