8 Tips For Getting Better Links to Your Online Store

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8 Tips For Getting Better Links to Your Online Store

As an online store owner, it is crucial for you to have an effective search engine optimization strategy. SEO strategies are typically multi-dimensional and consist of a number of tactics. Building links to your store are one of them. Links to your store from other high-ranking websites are valuable, as they increase your own search rank. These backlinks can be difficult to build, but the rewards in terms of traffic and sales are worth the effort. Today we are going to look at 8 tips for building these links to your store.

Start A Blog

Marketing your online store and building links will be much easier if you have a blog. High-quality blogs are easier to link to, and it will benefit your SEO strategy to link to an optimized, text-rich blog rather than an online store. Make sure that you regularly post articles on your blog and that the content is relevant to your store and useful to your visitors. Making use of Stellar SEO’s link building can boost the results that you get from your blog.

Guest Blogging

If there are blog authors that create content that is complementary to yours, you can contact them and ask if you can write them a guest blog. If you are successful, you can then write a guest article that contains a link to your own store or blog. Make sure that this is an authority site and that is has a high PageRank. If it has many followers on social media, it can also help to boost your traffic.

Publish Infographics

Creating compelling infographics and posting them on infographic publishing sites can help you get links on high-ranking sites. It is important to make sure that there is a link to your store on the infographic and that the infographic publishing site has a high PageRank. You also have to put in some effort to ensure that the infographic contains valuable information as this is a ranking factor. The infographic has to be relevant to your niche to optimize your link building.

Contact An Expert

There may be people that are influencers in your niche with many followers and a high-ranking site. Get in contact with these people and ask them if they would like to contribute to an article, interview or podcast. An influencer that contributed to something on your site, will most likely share the link on their platform. This means that you then have a link on a high-ranking website, an open channel with the influencer’s audience, and a boosted search rank.

Find Broken Links

This is an easier tactic to get links to your online store. Find blogs that posts content more or less similar to yours. Click on all the links to see if there are broken ones. If there are, contact the author and ask them they will replace the broken link with yours.

Professional Reviews

Some professional reviewers have large platforms with many followers. To get a link to your online store on their platform, give one of your products to them and ask them to do a review and post the link to their blog. You may have to give the product to the reviewer for free or at a discount, which will pay off, as long as the reviewer has a high PageRank.

Stay Away from Excessive Cross-Linking

When you and another blogger link excessively to one another, it can be bad for your search ranking. It may be a better approach to build a relationship with someone. When someone benefits from a relationship with you, they may be more inclined to post your link on their site without you having to link back to them.

Monitor Competitor’s Links

Setup an alert system so that you can react swiftly to new backlinks of your competitors. Online competition is tough and it is important to stay informed of your competitors’ actions.

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