Where To Find Genuine Web Hosting Research?

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Website Hosting Database for Authentic Reviews of Hosting companies

Website hosting can be broadly described as a service that enables individuals as well as organizations to serve their website on the internet. It can be further defined as a service that provides storage on special computers known as servers.

The web hosts offer connectivity and data center space on the internet. Finding a good web host is the most important step in creating an online signature of the idea, product or service you want to market to netizens. 
A web host will store your files, videos, and images on its servers and deliver your web content to the visitors of your website. 
There are various aspects of web hosting plans. For example, some web hosts offer seasonal discounts, some have better monthly rental plans, while others offer reasonable annual hosting plans. 
As there are many web hosting services in the market, it is a little difficult for a layperson to choose the best service that caters to his requirement. So, how to choose the reliable hosting website for your website?

How To Find A Reliable Hosting Website

As different web hosting services offer different services, you need to study the features of the website hosting service and compare them with the requirements of your website and your business. For example, if your business is small, medium and local, you require an entry-level plan that would cost you a nominal price.

Conversely, if you run an e-commerce business such as Amazon and require a large web space as well as reliable service, you need to choose a website that would provide all these services. The quality of the customer service is also a big consideration during this process. One of the major problems when choosing a website hosting service remains the affiliate of web hosting services.

How To Avoid Affiliates

One problem that you encounter when you conduct a comprehensive research in your quest to find the perfect web hosting service remains availing the web hosting services from an affiliate of the original web hosting service.

There are many reasons why you should avoid an affiliate including the issues related to cost as well as unreliable service. For this purpose, you need to conduct your search through your favorite search engine and go directly to the original site.

While doing this research, and after a complete review of most of the web services in the market, it is evident that remains the best choice.


Launched on November 1, 2017, remains one of the best web hosting services throughout the world as it offers various innovative services to the customers. With a plethora of web hosting services online, it is difficult to find a reliable website hosting for a blog or website and during the process, it is not easy to trust reviews or opinions of other viewers or users on the internet.

To find a resolution to this issue and provide authentic resolutions, this website investigates more than 5000 websites regularly and provides updates regularly to their clients. But, how does analyze various web hosting companies and what technology does it use in this process?

How WebsiteHosting Is Analyzing Hosting Companies

To analyze web hosting companies, the site uses an open and transparent methodology. As part of the process, it uses following criteria: The first criteria are domain; every day, the server of the company process more than 350 million domain names and constructs the historical domain trends related to any web host service provider.

The graphs are updated on a bi-weekly basis. The second criteria in this process are site rank value and in this type of service, it is inversely proportional to the hosted domain volume. As the number of domains managed by a web host service provider increases, the value of site rank decreases. For example, with its 43 million domains, the site rank value of GoDaddy is one.

The third criteria in this process are the trust scores. In these criteria, every site starts with 5 points. Some other items that are calculated within these criteria are free to submit new hosts, customer reviews, the response of the vendors, verification process, and the presence or absence of affiliate links.

Why You Can Trust

After reviewing this site, one question that may be bemusing is why you should trust this site and not others available on the web. The answer is very simple.

This company is an independent analytics company and is not affiliated with any web hosting company on the internet.

Further, the methodology used by this company is open and transparent, thus it is easy for the visitor to understand how the company arrived at the result and if there are any issues with the results or final review of a web hosting company.

The open and transparent process ensures that you would get an independent and unbiased opinion to your query.


There are a lot of articles, websites, and blogs on the internet that offer you expert advice on a reliable web hosting service for your website. While some offer excellent shared hosting, others give huge storage space on a Linux or Windows-based server.

Additionally, some web hosting companies are now offering reseller hosting services, wherein you can start a business of offering server space to your customers, and charge your customers for hosting their websites from your end.

The web hosting arena is, in short, a very complex forum with a lot of technical jargon which layperson like a new website owner, will have a hard time to understand. For instance, there are features such a VPS or virtual private servers, WordPress hosting or dedicated hosting, each with its own pros and cons.

That’s where a reliable website such as comes to the fore by familiarizing you with these terms and streamlining your search process so you can select the hosting company which gives you the maximum benefits at the minimum price. offers independent, current and unbiased advice which is not only comprehensive but user-friendly as well.

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