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Developers And Artificial Intelligence

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Developers And Artificial Intelligence

There are various ways in which Artificial Intelligence can be incorporated into the role of a developer all of which can benefit all involved. The AI industry is growing rapidly and will soon dominate the entire tech sector. With that in mind, there’s no better time like the present to hop on board.

By taking advantage of AI, developers can save time, money and effort in the long run, and focus their energy in areas where it is really required. What is the developer’s role in all this? It’s key for developers to learn exactly how AI can be incorporated into their jobs.

Although most people immediately assume that AI will take over our jobs, the truth is that it will change our jobs and perhaps offer new and exciting opportunities.

Although the history of the internet and AI is a relatively recent one, we have made major advancements in just a couple of decades: from email and Wi-Fi to building your own website with companies like 1&1, and of course the rapid progress of AI. With each change comes fear, and knowledge eradicates fear.

What Can AI Do?

AI has made some serious developments in recent years: Google Artificial Intelligence painted a number of beautiful paintings, Google DeepMind beat the world champion at the board game Go, and finally, AI can write code. 

In 2016, Microsoft and Cambridge combined together to create DeepCode, an algorithm designed to write code – whether or not it is stealing the code from others is quite the hot topic.

Where Does This Leave Developers?

Developers have enjoyed a status of working in one of the most sought after industries across the globe for many years. According to Tech Republic, an impressive 83% of developers did not work with AI in 2017. 73% said that they plan to learn how to use AI within their role as a developer in 2018 and 46% of developers plan to look for a new job in 2018. With such conflicting opinions, developers worldwide are beginning to doubt their role in society.

What is important to remember is that AI has been introduced to a number of industries with the main motivation behind this being to allow AI to take over the menial, monotonous tasks. There are countless instances of AI and machine learning working together with humans in harmony. 

Take for example The Washington Post, which allows AI to create certain news blasts and updates, while journalists take care of everything else – the less factual pieces and more opinionated, political or nuanced. 
Developers are guaranteed a reshuffle of their current industry, but by doing their research, welcoming AI into their role and learning to use it to their advantage, will be the way forward for now.

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