Top 10 Best Cleaning Company WordPress Themes 2018

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Top 10 Best Cleaning Company WordPress Themes 2018

For having a successful business, everyone should have a professional business website. The cleaning industry is becoming more popular and hence, cleaning service providers must have an effective and creative website with a unique look.

As you are running a cleaning service company, its website should be sparkling and give you a starched feel. So, you must have to look for one of best service provider developing a website for cleaning purpose.

Word theme based web pages are in demand and you can choose one of best theme based on WordPress.

For solving your problem and saving your precious time, we have provided a list of top 10 themes of WordPress 2018.

List of top cleaning company WordPress themes 2018 are:

1. CarpetServ

CarpetServ wordpress theme for cleaning companies to host a website
CarpetServ is one of the best and top-rated cleaning service theme. CarpetServ has modern design page which also provides the best user interface. The user will not need to get directions for using CarpetServ webpage.

Its vibrant features and effective layout, force agencies to use CarpetServ theme. CarpetServ is a gem like a theme in all themes which are based on WordPress.

Visual composer is used to customizing web pages which have inbuilt features of the modern layout. You can use this to design professional website and you need not write any type of code.

The effective search engine is used for best SEO optimization and HTML is supported by this WordPress theme. 

2. MagiClean

MagiClean is the best theme which can be used for cleaning companies. Attractive combination of demo page and shortcode style makes it more balance for cleaning companies.
Demo of ultimate vacuum for tile floors is also shown in the MagiClean theme. As a responsive theme, it can be used for all type of smartphones and will also work on different screen size devices.
Fast and smooth interaction is provided for interactive website pages. All content on the MagiClean theme is placed in an effective way. Different service components are used which offers multiple jobs to be done.
The designer also added a booking widget, so that client can send you their queries directly.

3. Cleanco

Cleanco WordPress theme
Cleanco has completed its three years in the market. With each passing day, its popularity and usage are increasing in the cleaning service industry.

Designer and developer have done many changes in the WordPress theme and many business organizations are using this theme effectively and also getting appointments from new clients.

The best admin panel is also here for your help and categorizes all services. Time schedule step is an advantage in this cleaning company theme where you can add personal details, payment information and final confirmation related to the client.

Appointment form is designed in unique form with originality. User interface and dynamic menus are provided in Cleanco theme for having better navigation experience.

4. Etalon

The etalon is a multipurpose word theme which has more than 10 demos for cleaning. It tries to focus on the service industry, still, it may also become part of the professional field.

For page builder facility, Etalon uses visual composer and built on the bootstrap feature.

Etalon has two features. One of those is that it separates home and residential services from office services and other are to provide an option to staff members for handling the different situation at one time.

5. EcoClean

One of the dynamic themes is EcoClean WordPress based theme. The ecoclean theme is one which is used by many of cleaning services or agencies. With professional look and page builder option, maintenance of EcoClean is not so easy.

With custom blog layout, customization in the EcoClean theme is too easy. You will be able to build team member pages with interactive content within a single click.

EcoClean is only one cleaning service theme which has the option to add social media information.

6. Make Clean

The blue color is color of relaxation and gives a professional look. Make Clean has used blue color on this theme for cleaning service company.

Visual composer and revolution slider are added in Make Clean theme by WP Mines for providing best look for the cleaning service page.

7. Be Clean

Be clean theme is one of the best cleaning themes for cleaning services, maid services, and other services which are related to cleaning companies. The attractive color combination is useful for highlighting contents.

Easily accessible appointment form is also here so that you can start booking with your clients easily. Sliding content is also added to Be Clean with two slider options which are Layer Slider and Revolution Slider.

Language translation is another feature of this theme for cleaning service.

8. Max Cleaners

Max Cleaners is a responsive website theme for cleaning service and supports all kind of devices. You can also open this theme based cleaning service webpage on mobile.

More content-oriented features are added in max cleaners and its framework is based on Twitter’s Bootstrap framework which is world based front-end framework.

9. Tameer

Tameer theme is most effective because it provides effective demos feature for cleaning, plumbing, and construction. Cleaning service demo on Tameer theme is simple and refined.

Small and large cleaning businesses are using this theme. Tameer theme is compatible with WPML and you can also enjoy its many features like free SEO, blog type and many more.

10. PrettyPress

The PrettyPress theme is one of the pretty versions of cleaning service templates. This is one of the modern themes which everyone can choose because of its thorough layout and best alignment of features.

Its modern layout is its effective feature for the cleaning industry. From top to bottom of the page, each pixel is placed on exact location so that every user will have a better user experience.


Many of the above-given WordPress themes are completely free and some of require to take premium accounts.

In all cases, premium-based WordPress themes 2018 are effective because when you face any problem or something is not working in the theme, then you can contact the administrator immediately.

No need to hire other professional person and it is the time-saving mechanism. Other developers will need to understand all concepts of themes while the designer will know where the problem is and how to solve it.

So, choose the theme from the above-given list and try to take its premium facility.

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