20 Best Photo Editing Software

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list of Best Photo Editing Software

Now a day each and every Camera companies are in a race to provide a better camera for awesome pictures in low light and fine touch but still all cameras are not providing such a photo of yours which you can say Wow. But we can make our photos look wow with some best Photo editing software.

Not only photographers but a different kind of firms also use editing software for rendering, modeling, and simulation technique for DRDO and ISRO like organization. 2D and 3D design for car design and auto car cover Design Company. Even many professional photographers were using software to make their pictures look like the real existing image. 
Today here I am sharing with you most of the top software in photo editing which will make your pictures more beautiful enjoyable with your friends on social media.

In fact, a web designer or UI developer also use photo editing software to create a design for Android apps, website, iOS app etc.

Website Builder reviews inform us that Hyundai had an increase of requests by up to 62% once they started using high-quality pictures. This just emphasizes the need to have high-quality images from the right editing software. Below are the best photos editing software?

Ten Best Photo Editing Software

1. Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is a type of software which is used to play with photos or in another way, we can say that it is used to do something with the picture. Adobe Photoshop CC, Adobe Photoshop CS6 is some of its versions which make your image real and existing image. It can run on various platforms of windows operating and Mac operating system.


  • Adobe Photoshop has some unique features which make your photo live and real.
  • It edits your Easter image in multiple layers.
  • It has a feature which can mask your image.
  • Various color combinations option is available in Adobe Photoshop. 
  • It can resize your image to any size easily.
  • It supports various graphics file formats.
  • This Adobe Photoshop application is used by many professionals Photographer.
  • It can run on various platforms of windows and other operating systems.

2. Google Nik

Google Nik is a Google supporting application through which you can play with an image. Here you are able to change or modify not a single image but at a time you can modify multiple images. Here various plugin and tools are available for editing image. It’s very popular enhancement application for photo editing. It supports iOS and Android app.


  • It has its own unique feature that Applies Film-era camera, lens & film situation to digital images.
  • It has a Package of filters that comes with many effects like HDR effect, etc.
  • It can maintain Noise Reduction in images and videos
  • It has a specialized program for processing HDR pictures. 
  • You can share your image with anyone very easily.
  • It can convert the image into a Black and white format easily.
  • Its best feature is Color Control with an advanced function to change the contrast and saturation.

3. Pixel Mator

Pixel Mator is photo editing software of MacOs. It made up a combination of open source and Mac technology. It has a transparent head on display which helps the user to work for image easily. It uses Core Image and Open Gl technology.


  • It provides open source platform for Mac OS user for editing images. 
  • It also supports various graphics file format. 
  • It works on layer based image also.
  • There are more than 40 tools for general editing image like selecting, navigating, coloring, retouching, painting etc.
  • It has 16 coloring tool for coloring image.
  • It has 50 above filters options.
  • It provides full facilities for converting an image format file. 
  • It has also such a feature insight through which you can take pictures from an app.

4. Paint .net is Microsoft Windows image editing software which provides full facilities to edit image like professionals. It supports window platform. It works on .NET Framework platform. This replaces simple paint from Microsoft Windows. Because simple paint does not include features like layer transparency etc.


  • It has very interesting and simple User Interface for a common and new user so that user can use it without any help.
  • supports many layer blend modes, layer transparency and reordering of layers with drag-and-drop.
  • It has such feature in which you can open multiple images and you can also edit multiple images at a time.
  • It supports various file formats.
  • It supports 22 languages in which it appears. 
  • One of the best features is that if a new version comes, it automatically updates.
  • It has extensibility in which it can add another plugin also to support different feature for editing. 


GIMP is multi-platform for photo editing software, which provides a user a multi-platform to edit an image. It is used in the manipulation of various image tasks like retouching, selecting, composition image etc. It provides facilities from a simple editor to an expert or professional editor.

It can be used to convert various file formats for editing.


  • Supports a wide range of file formats, including GIF, JPEG, PNG, XPM, TIFF, TGA, MPEG, PS, PDF, PCX, BMP and many others
  • Supports various plugins. 
  • It also supports various tool for retouching layering etc.
  • Its full support layer and transparency
  • Its full support alpha channel pixel for pixel support image.
  • It also supports various undo-redo option.
  • Its transparency effect supports rotate and flip.

6. PixLR

PixLR is cloud-based image editing software which provides online facilities for editing image it has a collection of various editing tools. It is browser extension editing software for photo sharing services. It has both UI simple and professional photo editor. It may be available on all system PCs and smartphones or tablets and using a tablet.


  • It is an online free image editing software 
  • It is available for smartphones and tablets and pc.
  • It is one of best editing software 
  • It has many tools for editing image like selecting retouching layering etc.
  • It has its special features that you can access it from a web browser.
  • It is based on cloud computing 
  • It has three powerful tools like layer, navigator, and history.

7. Snapseed

Snapseed is one of best photo editor software. This software is produced by Google. It was bought by Google a few years ago. This is powerful photo editing software of today’s generation. It provides editing on the raw photo which catches the eye of a photographer .It is simple but very deceptively light and powerful photo editor software for Android and iOS. It is a little bit costlier in comparison to other editing software.


  • It uses swiping gesture for selecting different effect and enhancement. 
  • It automatically adjusts color and contrast.
  • It has unique feature of saving history of user work
  • It also creates and saves filter combination by using the default filter and editing. 
  • It has various tools like Grunge, Vintage, center, focus lens etc.
  • Through this software, a user can share their picture on social media easily and directly.
  • It supports all types of file format.
  • It has new filter feature with clear user interface 

8. Photo Mate R3

Photo Mate is new among all editing software but rendering engine for editing both raw and jpg file. It can edit a photo with very fine major tools like contrast, shadow, highlights and even exposure. With its rendering engine feature, it can defeat all other software.


  • It provides very easier and more intuitive interface to the user.
  • It has new editing effect spit toning. It can make your image unique.
  • It has a very fine sharpening effect.
  • It also has a Dehaze feature which allows you to control the amount of removing haze from landscape or telephoto to shots and restore color.
  • It has very extended watermark feature.
  • It has a feature to create virtual copies of your editing image.

9. Filter Storm Neue

Filter storm Neue is a brand new photo editing software. Which provide a power of classic Filterstorm. Through which it is much faster and easier to use. It is a universal app for all iPhone and iPad. It provides all photo editing tools.


  • It provides powerful masking tool for photo editing. 
  • It can export PNG file.
  • It has a feature of channel mixer
  • It has ability for determining file size 
  • It has the ability to alter different types of color
  • It supports all types of file format
  • Photojournalist will enjoy features like FTP and IPTC metadata.

10. Enlight

Introduction: This software brings layer features which can edit multiple images at one time this is a unique feature of this software. Many versions of this software launched but Enlight works awesome in editing. This software is based on Apple and IOS configuration. It has various new features through which image can be edited easily.It allows user to keep multiple images into a single file.


  • This support both IOS configuration and Apple.
  • It is based on mobile and desktop pc on both it can use freely
  • It has a panel of control for adjusting time contrast and the detail inside an image.
  • It also pre-loaded with a number of extras for photo editing including fonts graphics and presents.
  • It provides full-on creativity on mobile
  • With the layer feature, it provides user multiple images into single file for editing 
  • It has blending transparency features also.

11. Corel PaintShop Pro

Corel PaintShop Pro is the best photo editor which gives users an advantage of easy and fast edits with very high-end outcomes. It allows you to learn the menus and toolbars quickly in regardless of your skill level. It puts its users at an advantage over the other software users by offering easy importing, exporting, sharing, organizing and finally a help and support for all your queries. Corel spearheads all the other photo editors. Lastly, using this program is fun accompanied by excellent value. Corel on average costs $79.99 and at the same time given the gold award. Get the right version here

12. Adobe Photoshop Elements

It has powerful editing tools that suit the users of any skill levels. It has three editing modes which include Guided, Expert and Quick Edit. It allows you to upload your images to social media sites directly which provides for Flicker, Twitter, and Facebook. Adobe Photoshop Elements keeps advancing as you do and it is the best for the beginners who want to improve their skills quickly. On average the cost of this software is $69.99 and is available here.

13. CyberLink’s Photo Director

CyberLink’s Photo Director is an excellent program that best suits beginners since it has many and necessary tools. It also organized in a simple way for the beginners to find, use and learn about the tools. However, PSD files which allow the user to save his separate files of his projects, are not compatible with this software. Finally, it also lacks vector graphics tools. CyberLink’s costs $44.99 

14. Zoner Photo Studio

Zoner Photo Studio which is available at zoner is organized in sections of a different kind to enable access the feature and means you are in need of without overwhelming options. This program comes with very many helpful tools to help learn both advanced and easy editing ploy. It is also suitable for beginners and the intermediate consumers who want to improve and being permitted to work in layers.

15. ACD See Pro

It is a photo viewer, organizer and image editor that was developed by ACD that is used through the following operating systems macOS, iOS, and windows. It offers several photo editing tools such as shape tools, selection tools and drawing and painting tools. It also has automatic edit options that correct and then adjust your photo. The software cannot construct HDR images and panoramic pictures. The software usually shows the EXIF information of your image. Beginners and professional photographers can both use this program with ease. You can get the trial or paid version.

16. Affinity Photo

It best suits the advanced image editors who are looking for a cheaper program accompanied by no subscription. It correctly serves this kind of users as well as supporting PSD, RAW, and files with high resolution. It is designed to help experienced and advanced users in transition to using it. The interface has some minor changes that make the editing process simple. Affinity Photo does not have a photo organizer who makes it the only reason to rank it so low in this comparison. However, it is possible to purchase an Affinity Photo from the website accompanied by another image organizing software.

17. Xara Photo & Graphic Designer

Xara Photo & Graphic Designer has a powerful enhancement, and image editing features to enhance photo editing and vector illustration tools. It is a program that comes with high-end feature tools which are very simple to use having a favorable money value. Some of the photo tools it has include magic erase, photo healing, color select, photo effects and finally panorama. However, in regardless of the graphic, image requirements as well as skills level you have, it is a very friendly interface. 


18. Paint.Net

It is commonly known for its simplicity. It is also easy and a quick to operate it when editing photos. Over the years many advanced image editing tool such as undo history, layers, a ton of filters and zoom filters to enhance recomposing of photos. If your computer or phone is underpowered, this is the best choice to think of, download it from the website.

19. Photo Pos Pro

It not that well known but is a quality photo editor enriched with advanced photo-enhancing tools. It has a smart interface which is more accessible with all its content arranged consistently and logically. It also has a brush to erase unnecessary blemishes and supports batch editing to enable you to save time when you refine the folder of photos. The software is fairly priced at the website.

20. PhotoScape

PhotoScape has a wealth of features such as photo merging and splitting, raw conversion, function to print graph or lined papers and finally creating an animated GIF. It is one of the esoteric interfaces among the others but with fewer features. It is most common for the novice users. With that said get the correct version at the website.


Choosing which photo editing software to use is a tough decision to make. Among all these programs their web-based and free applications as well as programs you can install on your phone or computer. Whether you are a professional photographer or a beginner in this software, there is software that can suit your needs and skill level.

Some of the factors that you need to consider are your editing plans, tools that you require, file formats that fit your skills level, and finally the system of your computer or phone run the photo editing software.

Article Updates

  • Updated on December 2017 – Added more photo editors including online ones.

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