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The Future in Visual Recognition - VizRec App

VizRec is the smartphone Visual recognition app that aims to make everyday life problems less stressful aswell as informing users around the world, we are working on alot of things to make this platform huge and impactful worldwide and we want to eventually do much more to expand this platform past apps.

Now one of the things we are focusing on is facial recognition where our platform recognizes a person from a single photograph of their face. It provides the user with detailed information about that person. VizRec’s recognition capabilities extend beyond famous celebrities, being able to match even normal everyday people.

VizRec goes a giant step further with “Brand Recognition”, where users can discover more about advertisements by simply scanning them. Users are supplied with key details and are directed to web pages containing further information, promotional videos, and ultimately sales sites.

How Visual Recognition Works in VizRec

VizRec has been evolving. At the end of 2016, VizRec could recognize famous celebrities from photographs taken with a smartphone camera, or images found online. It could even recognize celebrities from live movies and TV shows. All the user needed to do was snap a photo of a celebrity, either face to face, from a magazine, their TV, or computer screen.

VizRec’s recognition algorithm would make a series of measurements of the face in the photograph, to create a ‘map’, similar to a fingerprint. Like fingerprints, these face-maps were unique to the person, and are used to quickly match similar maps out of a database of millions.

When VizRec recognized a celebrity, it would reveal a multitude of relevant details about that person, which could include their bio, age, birthplace, profession, or even their net worth. Users were also provided with web links to the person’s online pages, social medial, and YouTube, and more in case they wished to learn more.

No longer did we have to wonder “who is that person?…”. The solution was right at our fingertips. In a matter of seconds, we would have all the information we craved.

What Is MatchMe Feature On VizRec

In 2017, VizRec stepped up its capabilities with its “MatchMe” feature. VizRec’s MatchMe allows “less-than-famous” mere mortals to be recognized, just like the celebrities. Users simply open the MatchMe feature on the app, to scan and analyze their own face. As with celebrity face matching, VizRec measures numerous features of the user’s face, to create their unique face-map. Users enter their own personal details, leaving them in complete control over what information is displayed. Celebrities can also use this feature to control what personal information is revealed about them.

MatchMe brings recognition of the masses but also leaves each individual in complete control over the security and visibility of their own personal data.

Market My Brand Feature

Spring 2017 saw another leap forward in VizRec’s recognition capabilities, with brand marketing. VizRec’s “Market My Brand” feature enables companies to scan and analyze their brand’s promotional material, such as billboards, posters, or flyers. Similar to face recognition, VizRec creates a ‘map’ of the supplied image of the promotional material. 
Companies then attach relevant information about their brand and save it along with web page links to further information, marketing promotional videos, and even direct links to their sales pages.

Using VizRec, users can be taken from a billboard on the side of the street right through to making that purchase. “Market My Brand” has enabled companies to convert passing views, into instant sales.

Spatial Awareness

The most recent addition to VizRec’s capabilities adds “spatial awareness” to its information database. Companies using VizRec’s brand marketing are now able to associate geographical locations with their products. This is particularly useful for example, where the product is an event, occurring at a particular place. The location of the event may be included in the promotional material, allowing VizRec to include the event in it’s “Nearby” map. Similarly, a museum advertisement could be linked to its location, allowing VizRec to provide its users with local product promotions.

VizRec utilizes a multitude of leading-edge technologies to provide its users with its high-performing simple-to-use service. The aim of VizRec is to continue to evolve, using visual recognition solutions to assist in solving the problems of every-day life, in the future we plan to branch out in avenues such as sports, entertainment, mechanical struggles and many many more because we feel that visually we can help people around the world and eliminate a lot of problems and that’s the whole goal to build a product that’s not one dimensional so we have a set goal for many many years to come. 

What we think users worldwide would like about our product most is the innovation never ends. It’s always something that can be improved and here at vizrec that’s our mission to find that thing that we users want, or user message us it’s our job to please the public so we are all ears and we are here to satisfy you all so thanks for giving me Malcolm (MalkyPablo) your time aswell as my partner Bob and look forward to you all trying out our platform so thanks for reading and be sure to follow us on all our links below

This article is contributed by VizRec Team.
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