FotoJet HTML5 Photo Editor Is Easy And Basic-Free

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If you are looking for an easy photo editor that is inexpensive and useful, you’ve come to the right place since we are talking about brand-new FotoJet HTML5 photo editor, which was released a week ago.

As a popular editing tool, FotoJet HTML5 free photo editor allows you to easily edit your own photos online free, which is a totally time-saving machine. For those who don’t need to edit photos frequently, FotoJet’s online photo editor can be the best choice. Either personally or professionally, it’s neat options for photo editing is really useful.

FotoJet’s HTML5 Photo Editor Homepage

Massive Photo Edits Options

FotoJet’s online photo editor unleashes your creativity by simplifying editing steps. Although a large number of image editors offer photo filters these days – from Photoshop in the first rank to Open Source Gimp, to uncountable iPhone photo apps, to piles of free and paid Android image editing apps, FotoJet HTML5 editor is among the few tools that truly optimizes filters to the fullest. It supports previewing immediately after a modification, undoing last step and comparing with original photo. I especially favor its filters in classic, vintage and old-fashioned style, as they empower photo with different lifelike colors. The filter options are fantastic and everybody can have a good time with them.

Powerful Text Edits, 83 Fonts Types

There are plenty of selections in text and fonts. Over 80+ fonts are selective. Albeit the free version offers a portion of fonts online, it is enough to cover your needs. Also, you can choose to update to a premium service and enjoy a wider range of stunning fonts. It’s totally up to you. Click a font to apply to the text. There you can change the font color to define your own style. Selecting a text to resize it. Drag and drop will help you move text to any position where you want it to be. What a joy to use!

Advanced Editing

FotoJet leaves multiple advanced editing options for us, including Sharpen, Dehaze, Vignette, Noise, Focus, Color Splash and partial filter. Photo fans can choose between Sharpness and Clarity, and change the degree of the modifications. What’s worthy of a mention is it’s [Selective Filter]. 

It’s possible to add a Radial filter and Gradient filter. Specifically speaking, there are Exposure to mimic camera exposure, Brightness to let more lights in the main subject, Contrast to add similar effect combining Exposure and Brightness effects, Highlights to decrease blue lights in an image, Temperature to add blue lights or red lights, Shadows, Saturation and Tint to add more micro effects. Anyway, if deep into these features, you will find it powerful to create uncountable amazing images in different styles.

Beautiful Overlays

This photo editor provides hundreds of stunning overlays, which you can directly choose to apply to your images. It supports adding more than one overlay to a photo or normally inserting a single overlay.

Output Images

FotoJet photo editor automatically defaults the best size for output images, which is very handy and considerate. Of course, if you don’t want to use its default size, it still offers the option to customize image size. FotoJet HTML5 photo editor offers two picture formats to download images to computer: PNG and JPG. For social media owner, FotoJet has the selections to share editing photos to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr directly, which can be quite a joy to use.

All-Inclusive Edits

In FotoJet HTML5 photo editor, you can easily find the access to add text, add effect, insert frames, overlay photos, or create a fashion-styled color splash. Likewise, it allows users to crop, resize, rotate or color images. A delightful tip: Almost half of its features are basic free.

What Makes It Different from PhotoShop

This photo editor online is different thanks to its simple features. Instead of including massive editing choices, it simplifies features by only listing some commonly-used tools in the operating interface. So users can find what they need easily. With simple clicks, the process is done. So if you don’t need to edit photos like a professional, FotoJet online photo editor can be a lightweight and practical helper than Photoshop can be. For most newbies, the Auto Enhance is enough to level up a normal image.

Final Words

Overall Fotojet Photo Editor is an excellent editing photo app that is easy of use, but produces amazing processing images, and supports powerful editing. FotoJet’s HTML5 photo editor is a simple browser-based web solution for all users. It’s a good choice when you want to edit a photo in a rash.

FotoJet’s HTML5 Photo Editor Page:

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