How to Fix SD Card Problems on Samsung Galaxy

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Samsung Galaxy is one for the most popular alternative for iPhone users. However, in recent past there have been many issues reported on Samsung products, including Samsung Galaxy. This has benefit Apple stocks as well. 
This article is covering some common SD Card related issues that have been seen in Samsung Galaxy android phones and tablets.  
SD card is really important for me since I download a lot of music on my android phone and space on phone memory is never sufficient for me.

Samsung Galaxy SD Card Issues:Fix SD Card Problems on Samsung Galaxy

“My Samsung Galaxy S5 failed to read the SD card and I am continuously told that space of my phone is running out. Besides, my phone is badly lagged. Please help.”

“After I upgraded my phone to Android 5.2.0, my Samsung Galaxy S6 stopped recognizing the SD card. I removed the card, inserted it again, and reboot the phone. But it still cannot be recognized.”

It is the SD card that should be responsible for the problems. SD card errors are the commonplace issues that happen to the Samsung Galaxy phone, for example, Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 Edge/S6 Edge+. So, we are offering some solutions to fix SD card problems on Samsung Galaxy.

Problem 1. Samsung Galaxy S6 Fails to Detect SD Card

“When I upgrade the Android operating system to the latest, for example, Android 5.2.0, then I cannot view any of the photos in the photo library which are stored in the SD card.”

“Why my Samsung Galaxy S5 keeps showing the notification that the SD card is blank”


Check whether the SD card works or not. This will help you pinpoint what to blame. Insert the SD card to another Android device and see if it works or not. Also, you can have a try on your computer with a card reader. If the SD card can be detected in other devices, you need to refer to the cases and troubleshooting we offer below.

Problem 2. The memory card has been removed unexpectedly

If your phone gives you the error notification that the memory card has been removed unexpectedly, it can be caused by hardware errors. Removed it and insert again. If the new SD card can be detected, it indicates that the old one is damaged. Just get it repaired or replaced. But if it still cannot be detected, it should be caused by firmware issues. Follow the solutions below to figure out the causes.


Remove third party apps. These setups may prevent your phone from reading the SD card. Uninstall them from your phone and see what will happen.

Delete the phone’s cache. This should be adopted after a major operating system update.

Factory reset your Samsung Galaxy. Before proceeding, backup all important data in your phone. After that, perform a factory reset on your device.

Problem 3. Lost files from SD card.

You may lose photos, videos, music and more from the SD card in your Samsung Galaxy. No worry! Follow solutions below to get them back.


Run FonePaw Android Data Recovery on your computer > Connect Galaxy to the computer > Recover lost files from SD card with the program.

This article is contributed by Vera she is a Marketing Manager in FonePaw.

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