What Is ‘Double Loop Learning’ & How Can It Be Effectively Used In Business?

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 What Is 'Double Loop Learning' & How Can It Be Effectively Used In Business?

Double loop learning is a unique theory that focuses on problem-solving based on the modification of certain goals in the light of experience. The theory was developed in 1976 by Chris Argyris, an American professor at Harvard Business School.

His theory took the business world by storm and changed the way we think about business development, learning, and the overall training process.

But how can businesses today actively use Double Loop Learning to meet their business targets? Let’s find out:

Single Vs Double Loops

One of the main purposes of this intricate theory is to develop a more organized and effective approach to learning. In particular, it focuses on the detection and correction of the error in order to improve an organization without fear of rejection, disproval or failure getting in the way.

Single loop learning, according to the original article published by Argyris in the Harvard Business Review, is the process that enables a business to “carry on its present policies or achieve its objectives”.

This process is usually continuous, meaning that nothing changes and the business continue to press forward using the same strategies it used in the past.

Double Loop Learning, on the other hand, requires two loops to reach the end goal. The first of these loops utilizes decision-making rules whilst the second loop allows for their modification.

In doing so, a new direction to problem-solving is achieved. Its main purpose is to notice the obvious errors being made and to take action to resolve these errors through new thinking and strategy.

This helps to ensure that similar errors are prevented from occurring again in the future.

Double Loop Learning And Businesses Today

So, you’re probably wondering: how on earth are you supposed to use Double Loop Learning to improve your own business strategy? Well, it’s simple. Through the process of learning and adapting, you can effectively utilize Argyris’ theory to help improve your business by learning from past mistakes and making sure that they never happen again.

One way to achieve this is through professional training and making sure that your employees are always learning new ways to improve their existing approach and broadening their skills.

Another way is to encourage continuous feedback in the organization so that particular processes can be adapted if they need modifying – echoing a fundamental principle of Double Loop Learning. This can be achieved using agile performance management software and regular conversations in the workplace.

Staff Training And Development

Encouraging your staff to participate in more training and development courses means that you are constantly striving to improve your business by improving your team. Good communication is essential and at the heart of the Double Loop Learning theory.

Being able to address errors and work to overcome them is a crucial part of any successful business. Undergoing proper training can help employees improve their skills and gain more knowledge, confidence, and encouragement to do their very best in everything they do.

Using the Double Loop Learning theory as a key component in your business strategy helps ensure that the right decisions are being made, followed by the desired action that will have the most effect.

Learn More About Double Loop Learning On YouTube

We have compiled a list of useful videos about double loop learning and single loop learning. Hope these are helpful to you.

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