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EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard : Recover Deleted Files

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EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard :Top Tools To Recover Deleted Files 2016

Are you are a frequent computer user? If so, you may have often accidentally ended up deleting important files and folders. The fact is that data deletion by accident is quite a common problem among computer users. If you’ve accidentally sent your data to the recycle bin, you can restore it with ease.

However, the problem comes when you’ve emptied the recycle bin as the permanently deleted data ‘s hard to repair. To restore them, you might need an active recovery software tool. This is where the EaseUS free data recovery software comes into the equation. Here are some ways to recover your lost files without any major issue:

Best Free Data Recovery Software Tools

Not many people know that the data you ended up deleting data remains at its location on your drive unless some other data overwrite it. This is where specialist recovery software tools come in handy. You’ll find many such tools on the internet, but not all will successfully recover your lost data. Here are some data recovery software tools which will recover your data.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

Perhaps the most widely acknowledged and popular free data recovery software tool is Ease Us. Luckily, it can be easily downloaded from the internet and is free to use. Even the free version gives you a handful of features to recover your lost data. Unlike other trial version recovery software tools that will ask you to buy after a week or two, the EaseUS basic version is powerful enough to recover your lost files and restore them at your desired location be it your hard drive, SSD drive or an external flash drive.

Not only this, but this free data recovery software will also help you recover your data from a range of sources. For instance, EaseUS will restore your precious data from deleted or formatted partitions, RAW partitions, virus attacks, lost partitions, and OS crashes among others. Additionally, paid subscriptions of EaseUS software are also available for corporate clients and those who want extra features.

Will Creating Backup Files Help?

In some cases, creating a backup of your documents helps but not always. Still, you must always create a backup of your files regardless of their importance. Doing so won’t take much of your time and will let you access your deleted documents. For instance, if you’ve deleted an important document, check your backup folder, a copy of your document should be in that folder. Syncing your data is another form of backup folder and can be a handy tool for recovering some of the lost data. However, this feature only works in some cases and is not a recommended option.
In Built Recovery Software Tools

These days, most operating systems come with inbuilt tools for recovering lost data. For instance, users of Apple Mac have access to a recovery tool called Time Machine. The device is built into the Mac operating system and can keep a backup of your lost files on a separate drive. In most cases, the drive should be connected either to the Mac or extreme router. Additionally, Apple Time Capsule is another network storage device that keeps a backup of each of your lost documents.

Similarly, Microsoft Windows 7 also sport a similar data recovery tool called System Recovery Tool. This tool will help you restore most of your deleted data. This feature creates what is known as the Shadow Copies of your original documents. However, to be able to recover the lost data, you must mention the exact location or the data on your hard drive. Even if recovered, you cannot access these files directly. Click the right mouse button on that folder, choose Properties and you’ll have a tab on top by the title Previous Versions.

Windows 8 also has a similar feature known as File History. It can help you recover some of your lost files and documents. Ironically, the tool is not enabled, and you need to do it yourself. Go to the control panel, look into the file history, and click on the tab by the title Configure File History Settings. Keep in mind that you’ll need to have an external flash drive to be able to utilize the backup. If you didn’t turn on this feature before losing the document or file, this tool would not help you.

None of these tools can actually restore your lost data the way you want. Try using the best recovery tool i.e. EaseUS for data recovery software. You’ll never regret using it.

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