10 Best Websites to Learn Programming

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Best Websites to Learn Programming

Those days are gone when programming could only be done by the likes of Mark Zuckerberg. Now, if you are interested in creating a new website, make an existing website more interactive or just redesign a WordPress theme, there are websites that offer beginner level training for most of these requirements.

There are websites that cater to you as per your preference – for beginners who have little to no coding experience, there are websites that utilize interactive teaching methods that make learning easy and fun. For people who have some experience in coding, there are more straightforward websites that deal more cold with hard codes and do not rely on fancy teaching methods. Below are best websites to learn programming from:

Codeacademy is one of the most popular to learn programming from. You can learn programming with JavaScript, PHP, Web Fundamentals, Python and Ruby among others. There are panels when you start a course that explains the fundamentals and also lets you practice by writing code.

Codeschool is another great website for a beginner to learn programming in a fun, interactive manner. The courses offered are Ruby, JavaScript, HTML/CSS, Python, iOS and Git. This website is more popular for offering more in-depth courses that enable you to become an expert in that particular program.

Codeavengers is a website that lets you learn to code and build websites, apps and games in a fun and effective way. The courses offered are – HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Game Development, jQuery and Web Development. This website is again a very useful website for people that are new to the programming world.

HTML5 rocks is a Google project which was launched in 2010. This is an advanced website for people who already have a basic understanding of coding and website development; features tutorials, resources and articles for the latest updates.

Treehouse is a website where a user can learn from over 1000 videos created by experts and covers topics like web designing, coding, building an app and business among others.

Freecodecamp is website that allows you to learn and work with other developers to create an app which could be used by nonprofits to power their growth – which can actually help you land a job!

Udacity is another website to learn programming that offers programs that is calls “nano degrees”. The courses have been designed with partnership with Industry leaders like Google.

CodeHS is another fun website to learn programming from where they use puzzles and problem solving challenges to learn programming.

This is website which features a community of members that take the “pledge” to offer help to the next generation of coders or learn from some of the best in the industry and take your craft to the next level.

Khanacademy is a website that was started in 2006 and features courses not only for general subjects but also offers courses on computer programming like JavaScript, SQL and HTML/CSS.

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