20 Must Have Tools for Personal Windows Laptop

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List of most useful apps on windows computers

You have just bought a brand new shiny, glossy finish laptop installed with Windows OS, one of the most widely used operating systems across the globe. Next step post purchase is to get or install all necessary tools and software required for performing daily laptop tasks.

There are thousands of free software available on Windows, however its difficult to differentiate between a malware and a genuinely useful software.

To make your life easier, we have list out must have tools for your new laptop.

Best Antivirus Softwares

First thing after switching on your laptop is to look for good, trusted antivirus software and install it. Antivirus software helps to safeguard your device from harmful threats and malware. There are several antivirus software available in the market. Kaspersky, Norton, AVG Antivirus, Aviara – are some of the best antivirus software available.


VLC Player

Being a movie-buff, I daily watch a movie. People like me should not forget to install a VLC player in their laptops. When you a buy a laptop, you get a pre-installed/default media player which is incapable of running all kinds of formats. VLC can run almost all kinds of Audio/Video formats. This also one of the most popular app on Ubuntu and Mac

Mozilla Firefox

One of the leading browsers, Mozilla Firefox was released in 2004. It is a free and open source web browser. It is available for Windows and Linux OS. It is multi-functional. You can get features like tabbed browsing, spell checking, private browsing and more on Firefox.


For enabling smooth and fast run, you need software for the removal of all types of junk files from your laptop. For this you can install CCleaner. It is one of the most installed tools and can run on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8.

Google Chrome

Google Chrome is the fastest and safest browser and most importantly it is free like any other web browsers. You get an option to open an incognito window, which doesn’t save your cache or browser history. 

MS Office

Without it, professional life would suffer the most. We cannot imagine any school, institute, organization or large businesses without MS Office. It is not a free tool. As an alternative, you can install Open Office (Free). It works almost like MS word. 

Snipping Tool

Windows Snipping Tool is very handy and is used to capture fleeting images on the screen. You can find free software, PicPick that would let you take screenshots.

Folder Lock

In your personal laptop, there is certain data that is very personal and non-sharable. You can protect it by adding Folder Lock tool which allows you to store all your files with a protected password. 

Team Viewer

It is one of the best software when it comes to remote desktop viewing. Having this tool on the computer, you can easily share your desktop from anywhere in the world with another person. 

Adobe Flash Player

There are times when you see a flash message saying, need a flash player to play this video. Don’t forget to add Adobe Flash Player if you want to see flash videos on your laptop. Released in 1996, this tool supports vector and raster graphics.

PDF reader

Adobe Acrobat is the best tool for reading or opening PDF files. With this tool, you can view, create, manipulate, print and manage PDF files.


In this USB era, burning/copying data to CD is obsolete. But there are times when you need to copy data to CD especially when it is a school or college assignment. Nero is the best software for burning any type of CD or DVD. First released in 1997, Nero lets you burn CDs, DVDs and Blu Ray discs on your Windows laptop.


It is for those who love to shoot short videos and then would like to edit it as well. For a beginner who is interested in video editing, VideoPad is one of the best tools to start with. You can get many transitions and several effects, which is sufficient for basic video editing. ’


As we all know that MS Outlook is the best email client, but it is not for free. There is another tool performing same task and is free as well. Thunderbird is another email client comes with full features and benefits. 

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is the best tool for editing photos, but you need to pay to buy this software. You can try GIMP.GIMP is one of the best free photo editing tool. It can also be used to make GIFs.


It is one of the simple and easy to learn audio recording and editing software. 

Pandora Recovery

This tool helps in recovering and restoring deleted files from your system. 

Audio/Video Converter

This tool is very important in today’s time. There are several video formats available. Finding the most suitable format is never easy. Such tools help change video or audio formats.

Internet Download Manager

IDM tool ensures faster download. It is compatible with all web browsers.

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