POS Systems Mobile Integration : 5 Tips

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Useful tips for doing Point of sale system integration with mobile devices.

It’s no secret that mobile technology has changed our way of life in countless ways. Today’s smartphones and tablets are portable computers that are powerful enough to be used reliably in business settings, and many tech-savvy businesses are choosing to implement them in their point-of-sale systems. Being able to facilitate transactions with a mobile device has many benefits that standard computer-based POS terminals simply can’t rival.

Why Mobile POS Is Taking Over

Integrating mobile devices into a POS system is a huge leap forward, especially for restaurants and brick-and-mortar retailers. For example, a waiter can take one table’s order, send it to the kitchen, and then move right along to the next table. As you can imagine, this makes the day run smoother and more efficiently. When the table has completed their meal, a quick swipe on the mobile credit card reader and they are out the door.

In a retail setting, employees on the sales floor can ring up a purchase from anywhere in the store, eliminating that long walk to the cash register that gives customers time to second-guess their purchase. Essentially, a mobile POS system allows a business to run much more fluidly, which in turn boosts customer satisfaction and turnover. Mobile POS simplifies things, reduces error, and allows employees to focus on providing the best service possible.

Keeping the Technology Accessible

As with any technology, there are good options and there are bad options. It’s important to keep in mind that not every employee is going to be technically proficient, so you must choose a mobile POS platform that is user-friendly, without compromising essential features. Be sure to do some research before you invest in mobile POS technology, as not all options are equal.

Elegant POS Solutions

As you consider upgrading your POS system, functionality is key. However, you should not discount the level of sophistication this shift brings to a business. Customers notice things like using an iPad or smartphone with a mobile card reader, and they are going to take note, whether subconsciously or deliberately. When you integrate the latest technology in your business, it shows that your company is a modern, evolving entity – a step up from the competition.

A More Affordable Option

For many small businesses, a mobile POS system is a no-brainer due to its cost. This is especially true for brand new companies that are buying a first POS system. The price difference between standard POS terminals and an integrated mobile solution is staggering – often in the $10,000 range or more. Few start-ups have an extra ten grand to throw around, especially for technology that is quickly going the way of the land line.

Seamless eCommerce Integration

Many of today’s brick-and-mortar retailers make the majority of their revenue online. In order to remain relevant, many stores are finding new ways to blend online and in-store shopping. For example, a customer may go to a retailer’s website at home, and order a product to be picked up locally. When the customer arrives, an employee can easily bring up that sale and ring up the customer with no hassle involved. This allows the customer to purchase an item online without waiting for shipping.

Many modern retail/ecommerce businesses are also experimenting with digital kiosks for stock checking and ordering. Some companies are even making their entire inventory available on in-store iPads, allowing customers to browse comfortably from one location, rather than spending time rummaging through the store. This saves floor space and gives the store a cleaner look, and it also makes tracking inventory a breeze.


At the end of the day, every business has its own unique hurdles to overcome. If your business needs a POS upgrade, now is the time to get on board with mobile technology. The benefits are clear, the price is right, and customers always appreciate a streamlined, modern shopping or dining experience. Do some preliminary research, and find the mobile POS solutions that are going to work for your company’s specific needs. The results can be monumental.

John Paul West is a technophile from Seattle, WA who writes for Table Talk Tech and other high-tech resources. He is a freelancer of many trades, including writing, programming, web design, and graphic design. When he’s not in front of a screen, John enjoys hiking, reading, and playing the cello.

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