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Why HTML5 & Bootstrap Are Key Elements To Develop Websites

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HTML5 and Bootstrap are essential for website development

In the past few years, HTML5 has gained popularity all around the world with its advanced and amazing features. HTML5 is the latest version of HTML (known as a backbone of the website). This latest version comes with an array of advanced features that cut down the usage of third party applications like multimedia.

Along with this, it also supports various functions that can ease the integration of different advanced features. Although HTML5 supports different advanced functionality, still it is required to use CSS, JavaScript as well as Bootstrap with HTML5 to build dynamic, expressive and complex websites and mobile applications.

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In recent days, Bootstrap has made it very easy to develop high quality websites. Here are some important facts about HTML5 and Bootstrap that make them a good choice for web developers.

What Is Bootstrap

Bootstrap is a framework that features integrated front-end tools in order to enable the developers to architecture the web pages at the utmost ease. It was introduced by Twitter. This framework comes with endless list of templates and functions that simplify the process of setting up front-end interface of the website and web application in minimum time. By using this framework, the codes can deploy the mobile-first approach while programming the mobile-friendly website in an highly effective manner.

How Is HTML5 & Bootstrap Beneficial For Developing Websites & Mobile Application

The usage of HTML5 & Bootstrap provides a spectrum of benefits to the developers as well as design because the association will contribute with the powerful features that can streamline the process of developing & designing the web pages featuring wonderful designs, superb performance, and complex functionality. Let’s have a glimpse below to know that how can both HTML5 and Bootstrap are advantageous for the developers.

Let’s Have A Glimpse Below:

Introduce Consistency In Design

Both HTML5 and Bootstrap ensure flexibility and convenience in maintaining the consistency in the front-end design of every web page and application. Moreover, it lessens the use of code for implementing the brilliant design. Besides this, it also makes the content management easier as both the technologies simplify the way to manage the different kinds of files including coding and design. This also empowers the users to add expressive content with the website and web application.

Deploy Highly Responsive Content

One of the major advantages of using both Bootstrap and HTML5 is, it enables the developers to build the responsive website that can run on PC, tablets and other mobile devices and provide similar experience on the mobile devices at the same time. The integration of both technologies lets the developers build fluid designs featuring a single code base for all the devices. It means, there is no need for the developers to code the web pages for PC, tablet and smartphones. This tends to save time, efforts and money. Additionally, the association also optimizes the productivity. Bootstrap makes it easy to put mobile-centric features in order to provide amazing user interface for better experience.

Makes Customization Easy

Bootstrap streamlines the process of customization. Here, it is comfortable for the developers to update the elements and different functions of the website and web application. This feature incredibly enhances the productivity by minimizing consumption of time and money simultaneously. It is possible to enable the customized functionality with one click. Bootstrap provides multifarious dynamic options to optimize the functionality.

Supports Maximum Inbuilt Functions

Both the technologies are equipped with a list of amazing functions that help the developers use every feature of browser engine effectively and offer indomitable experience to the users, which also enables the developers to build varied complex applications for all types of businesses worldwide. With the help of inbuilt functions, there is no need of coding or integrating function. That, in turn, boosts the productivity by making the HTML5 coding process less tedious.

Speed Up Development Process

Bootstrap comes with an array of different advanced templates that support varied navigation, grid, typography, style as well as functional components, like button. It empowers the developers to integrate varied themes in an application at the utmost ease. Moreover, these templates are responsive and ready-to-go. This means, the developers do not need to worry about implementing the responsive features with website. All these things speed up the development process.

Advanced Mobile Application Development

With HTML5 and Bootstrap, the developers can easily code the advanced mobile application that can work in an offline mode. Along with this, it enables the designers to integrate the advanced graphics in the interface to make it better; that can provide brilliant user experience.

Lessens Efforts In Coding Process

One of the most imperative advantages of using HTML5 and Bootstrap is, there is no need to use the code again and again for different platforms. Additionally, it supports the architecture that minimizes the line of coding. Hence, it is easy to manage the code files. Secondly, in case of updating the design, bootstrap comes with amazing tool kit that eases the designing process.

Streamline Game Development

The usage of both HTML5 and Bootstrap offers lots of options to develop multifarious applications including 2D games. HTML5 provides a set of functions for integrating the complex features in the games. And, Bootstrap offers a set of designing options for creating wonderful front-end designs for the games. Therefore, it is concluded that both the technologies can help the developers build high-end games that can offer pleasing experience. Not only 2D game development, but also 3D games development is possible with the help of HTML5 and Bootstrap. With numerous options, it is easy for the developers to build online 3D game applications as well that can be accessed through the mobile browsers and can take the experience of the users to the next level.

Closing Thought

The introduction of HTML5 has brought a strategical change in web and application development approach. And, the association of Bootstrap features with HTML5 can gear up the websites and applications with superb designs and functionality. These technologies can extend the capability of the developers to build a better than the best solution. But still, the contribution of both the technologies is yet to go far. It is believed that in the future, the association of HTML5 and bootstrap will open up the gateway to the golden opportunities.

The blog has been penned by Nola Arney a web developer working with HTMLPanda. She has a keen interest in writing the articles & blogs to share important concepts related to the development and designing of the web app, mobile application and responsive website. All her posts are the best source of inspiration for many application developers from all around the world.

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