How To Root Android Tablet In 4 Easy Steps

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Want to root your android? We have listed down simple steps on how to root your android. Its common in geeks to root android device and install more apps that can not be installed on a regular android tablet or phone.

In recent years Android has become the most popular operating system among all mobile platforms. Latest Android App Statistics show that there are currently 1.5 million Android apps available in the market. But you can not take advantage of those apps that requires the root access of the operating system in your smartphone. This is where the concept of “rooting” comes into the picture when you want something advanced from what is provided you by the manufacturer.

Rooting gives you the opportunity to do much more than your Android phone can do originally. Before coming to the process you must know about what is rooting and why do you need it.

What Is “Rooting”

Rooting means to “break your fencing”, to overcome from the limitations put by the manufacturer on your device. Rooting makes you a superuser of your Android phone, now you must be wondering what does a superuser mean here.
If you have used desktop computer that allows more than one user account, then you must have noticed that some of those accounts have more rights and access than the other ones. The account with more power & rights is called Admin account. On an Android phone, a superuser is just like an admin on a desktop computer.

Why Do You Need Rooting In Your Android Phone

There are two types of technology user, one who utilizes the device as it is provided by manufacturer, and another one who wants to jump deeper into it and want to make it more adaptable & customizable according to his requirement.

While purchasing a new android phone you are just like a general user. You can use the phone like a normal user with restrictions i.e. you can not make the changes in the system files. If you want some advanced features and functionalities which are kept hidden from you, or want to become a master user, you need rooting of your Android phone.

What Can You Do When You Root Your Android?

Below are Few Reasons why you should root your device

  • Customization of the look and feel of your phone
  • Enhance the performance
  • Increase the battery life
  • Allows you to install incompatible apps
  • Better backups and restore

How To Root Your Android Phone

Now you know what is rooting and why do you need it, but how can you root your phone yourself? Here are 4 easy steps to root your Android phone in just a few minutes.

  • Step 1

    The easiest way to root your phone is to use Kingo Android Root Software. It is a one click android rooting software which can be downloaded and installed easily.

  • Step 2

    After downloading and installing of the Kingo Rooting software, you need to enable the USB debugging mode in your phone and then save the settings.

  • Step 3

    Now, run the Kingo Android root on your PC and connect your phone via USB cable. After waiting for a few seconds your device will show a popup “Allow USB debugging”. Tick the “Always allow from this computer” and then click OK.

  • Step 4

    Click root and wait until the process completes.

After following up the above 4 steps you get the permission to access everything on your phone. Now you are free from all limitations and can install those apps that require root access, can customize your Android phone and get the benefit of advanced features and functionalities.

In future if you want to unroot your device for any reason, then you just need to relaunch the Kingo root software and click on “Remove Root” button that will return your phone to regular operation.

Advantages Of Rooting

Wondering what can you do when you root your android? Below are some things that you can do on a rooted android phone.

  • Running Special Application

    The greatest advantage of rooting your Android phone is to install and run those powerful applications that require privileges more than the non rooted device.
    For example the apps that can only be installed in rooted device like:

    • Root Explorer: – Allows you to access the complete android’s file system.
    • SetCPU: -Allows you to change the CPU settings.
    • ROM Manager: – Allows you to manage ROM, perform backup and restore.
    • ProxyDroid: – Allows you to set proxy while using Wi-Fi networks.
  • Backup And Restore Better

    The built in backup and restore functionality of android phone is a little weak. To have better backup and restore the root access is required. The app like Titanium Backup is the most powerful backup and restore tool in your android phone.

  • Custom ROM

    After Rooting your device you can install custom ROM. It allows a user to use the most recent version of Android and make your smartphone run in a better way. It also improves your phone’s performance with increased battery life.

  • Block Unwanted Ads

    You may have seen unwanted ads while playing games like angry birds, Stick Cricket or Subway Surfer. By rooting your phone, you would be able to install adblock plus app and block all unwanted ads.

Risk In Rooting Your Android Phone

  • Warranty Get Voided

    Don’t try to give your phone for service, because after rooting, your phone is at your own risk. You are not able to complain to the customer care center in case if any problem comes.

  • Attack Of The Virus

    Rooting allows the user to install apps that are incompatible and most of them can be from unknown sources. It can harm your device so you have to be careful about the virus attack in your phone.

  • The Risk Of Bricking

    Bricking your phone means playing up with your phone in such a way that damage it completely and it becomes like a useless brick and then you have to purchase a new Android phone.

The Conclusion

Rooting your Android phone lets you play with it and enjoy new themes, designs and apps. However, for some users rooting is just for downloading incompatible app, whereas for some users it is for customization of ROM. Whatever purpose you have with rooting, you need to be careful while doing it otherwise you might end up having problems with your phone.

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