70+ Best Free VB .NET Tutorials, PDF, eBooks & Resources

Programmers learn coding by reading books, downloading ebooks or referring to available online materials. This is actually the first ste...

VB .NET Tutorials
Programmers learn coding by reading books, downloading ebooks or referring to available online materials. This is actually the first step in learning any programming language. The next step involves experimenting with and writing code snippets of the syntax learnt in the respective IDE.

So, as a developer, it is imperative you choose the best available options for learning any programming language.

Are you a student or an experienced developer looking for the best resources to learn VB?

Here, we have compiled a list of free tutorials, ebooks and resources for beginners and senior experienced VB developers:

Vb.net Tutorial For Beginners

Learning VB.net from scratch can be really easy if you start with the right tutorials. Many tutorials are available for absolute beginners. When you start to learn VB.net, you must begin with simple exercise and basic concepts. You can move to advanced level easily once you have mastered the fundamentals. These VB.net tutorials are focused on beginners and basic of programming in VB language.


This is a free tutorial website where you can learn programming for VB6, VB 2008, VB 2010, VB 2012 and VB 2013. These are beginner-friendly tutorials that explain everything in step-by-step manner with multiple examples. The tutorial also covers many sample programs helping you understand basic programming concepts.

This tutorial is practically instructive and teaches novice programmers how to master Visual Basic.

This is an online learning center for educating people with the fundamentals of Visual basic 6 and the related versions in a hassle free manner.


This explains important concepts of VB.NET and its related implications on a .NET platform. This is a tutorial for advanced and beginners.

Tutorials Point

This site offers you the most convenient way to learn Visual basic along with a detailed grasp on related concepts.

Tutorial VB

This site is associated with the tutorial for learning visual basic.NET and describes every concept from the beginners’ level.

Toms Guide

This is something meant for the beginners to discuss every doubt and query encountered while programming on the VB platform.

Go 4 Expert

This is a common discussion ground on the VB issues and addresses queries related to visual basic programming for beginners and advanced users.

VB Tutorials and Resources Websites

Microsoft Virtual Academy

This is another quick to learn resource for beginners. If you have no programming experience, then these 26 video tutorials from Microsoft are a great pick for you. These tutorials cover the use of tools, writing code, creating classes and methods, event-handling, debugging features, customizations and much more in a simplified way to help beginners master Visual Basic programming effortlessly.


Techotopia includes a Visual Basic Essential book that gives a wide overview about various concepts in Visual Basic. The book not only covers basic concepts of Visual Basic but also includes topics like arrays, object oriented programming (OOP) with visual basic, files, directories and much more! This book explains concepts using theory, code examples and screenshots, helping both novice and experienced programmers understand VB programming.

Learning To Program With Visual Basic And .NET Gadgeteer

This research paper from Microsoft is designed for readers who have no prior knowledge of programming, electronic devices, Visual Basic and Visual Studio. NET Gadgeteer is a Microsoft platform for building small electronic devices.

Each chapter of the book is structured in a similar way: The overview of the topic, followed by a detailed explanation, a tutorial of the topic, set of exercises to help readers practice and finally summary of the chapter. Step-by-step guidance in this tutorial helps readers get a better understanding of how electronic devices work.

Upgrading Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 To Microsoft Visual Basic .NET

This book includes techniques and migration best practices to help programmers upgrade applications from Visual Basic to VB .NET. It starts with basic differences between VB and VB.Net and then covers topics like resolving common migration issues with language, forms and data access. It even includes some high-level topics like how to upgrade applications with ADO.NET.

Visual Basic 6.0

If you want to master Visual Basic, you should read this tutorial.

This site is dedicated to programmers of all levels – from beginners to intermediate to advanced. It includes complete Visual Basic programming material covering Visual Basic tutorials, Visual Basic source code samples and VB6 guides.

If you are stuck somewhere while coding in VB6, it even allows you to post questions in VB6 forums and other Visual Basic programmers can help you.


This book covers many different techniques and topics of Visual Basic including object oriented programming, optimization of programs and coding guidelines.

It is extremely important for programmers to understand the core syntax of a programming language in order to use it for coding and advanced application development. This book covers the core syntax and all the key concepts of the language, giving programmers a super-easy approach to Visual Basic programming.


CodeGuru is an online community of programmers that provides the most recent technical information and code snippets for different programming languages. On this community platform, there is a CodeGuru directory for Visual Basic developers where VB programmers share ideas, articles, questions, answers, tips, tricks, comments and much more about the programming language!

Many VB programmers share their articles on this platform. Topics range from basic programming with VB to developing a simple Twitter app with Visual Basic.


A site for all Visual Basic programmers!

It contains various sections like News, Tutorials, Coding, Training, Books and Podcasts.

Although this site has not been updated since last year, it contains content that is relevant even today; making it vital for VB programmers to check it out.

This site includes articles that will help programmers learn VB in a step-by-step and easy-to-learn format.

About Tech

Their tagline says it all – “Everything you always wanted to know about Visual Basic!”

It’s a must bookmark site for all Visual Basic programmers. It covers topics from how to get started in Visual Basic programming to high-level programming concepts, resources, links, learning tutorials and much more.

This site even covers topics related to VB.Net. Even if you are an advanced level VB programmer, you will definitely find something useful and official on this site.

Visual Basic

This is a free to download PDF book specially designed for beginners and intermediate Visual Basic programmers who wish to accomplish pivotal VB tricks and techniques to progress in the stream of VB programming quickly.

Some of the notable topics that are covered in this book include object-design basics, Files, Error Handling and Windows API. This book can certainly help you efficiently write Visual Basic code.

The above mentioned sources will help in turning you into a more accomplished Visual Basic programmer.

Do you know of other Visual Basic learning resources that developers must have on their radar? Please don’t forget to share with us in comments.

Visual Basic Tutorials

This site is meant for providing online lessons on Visual basic, .NET etc. It provides code samples with screen snapshots for easy learning.

The Coding Guys

This is home for learning coding for Visual basic, ASP.NET, HTML, MYSQL and PHP at a very grass root level.


Learning Visual basic has never been easier when you get to learn it from Microsoft developer network easily and conveniently.


Create web pages for sites by gathering practical knowledge through the tutorials on Visual Basic for creating Master page.

Home And Learn

This is a space reserved for the beginners of Visual Basic.NET. It teaches you the fundamentals and the very programming aspect.


The site offers detailed tutorials on every topic related to Visual basic.NET. It is available to explore for beginners & the experienced.

VB 6

Visual Basic is a necessary programming language to design websites. The site offers detailed listing of tutorials segregated as per topic


This is a very basic tutorial exclusively designed for beginners to learn Visual basic.NET from the very preliminary level.


This is something for the beginners to grasp every single concept related to the process of learning the visual basic programming language.


Visual Basic is an essential programming skill necessary to add graphic contents to websites for visual attractiveness. It shows its usage.


This site offers a basic guideline for learning visual basic at the beginner’s level. It provides tutorial based study for easy grasp


This tutorial differentiates between dynamic and fixed size array and its related operations on access, erasing and about declaring it.


This is a very concrete framework for learning visual basic from the very preliminary level. It allows stepwise learning of fundamentals.

Vb.net Informations

The tutorial is regarding visual basic.NET that is considered to be an up gradation on the visual basic and bear certain differences.

Vb Explorer

This deals in maintaining databases by application of Visual basic. It is something related to database and differs from mere web design.


Now download Visual basic programming software and commence on coding for design applications. It provides tutorials on usage of software.


This is something working on a .NET platform that aims in reducing redundancy of codes and improves program efficiency to a great extent.

Visualbasic Freetutes

Visual basic is a powerful application program that makes use of graphical user interface. Learning VB has never been easy through tutorials.

VB .NET Free Video Tutorials

Learning by reading can be sometimes difficult, and its the main reason why many people prefer video tutorials over text, and PDF based tutorials. There are many good video tutorials available for VB .net that you can conveniently watch and learn more interactively.

Visual Basic .NET Tutorials

Now witness online programming applications done on visual basic platform over a video package for abetter understanding of a problem situation.

Visual Basic .NET Tutorials

A video package of visual basic programs makes it possible to get a real time demo of how it actually works.

Learners TV

It is a complete learning hub providing online test modules, video lectures and presentations, Notes for detailed study of the subject.

The New Boston

Get access to online videos of program demonstration and lecture notes of experts for detailed understanding of Visual basic concepts.


This is something suitable for the beginners to get taste of the fundamentals of Visual basic and enjoy applying it in work.

Vb Dotnet Tutorials KTS Infotech

An innovative solution to the learning process of Visual basic.NET. It is a tutorial based approach for beginners & advanced learners.

Visualbasic Freetutes

This is something meant for the absolute beginners of Visual Basic.NET. It is sure to clear doubts in a simple way.

Ideal Programmer

The site provides video tutorials on every concept related to programming on Visual Basic platform. It is a true application oriented approach.

How To Start Programming

This is a tutorial to lean Visual Basic from the ground level in an easy way. It is meant specifically for the beginners.

Calling All Geeks

This is something for the beginners of Visual Basic programming language. The video tutorials help a lot in learning the programming aspects.

Software Solution Informer

The site deals in providing free tutorials for learning visual basic language. The tutorials are video based for better understanding.

Free Video Lectures

Video lectures assist in the process of learning Visual Basic programming language. Such tutorials are available for free usage of all

Microsoft Virtual Academy

This site enables users to learn the fundamentals of visual Basic from Microsoft academy. The training courses are available for free.

Tutorials The New Boston

VB.NET video tutorials make it easy to learn the fundamentals and associated concepts of the programming language in a convenient way

Visual Basic 6 Programming Tutorials

Visual basic 6 is a popular programming language among the beginners and has got wide applications for developing web applications on Windows.

Fundoo Video Vb-net-video-tutorials

This site provides learners with an extensive video package for understanding the applications of vb.NET in an easy and proper way.

Ginko Solutions VB Video Tutorials

Video tutorials help in understanding the true application aspect VB.NET which is not possible by learning from books and other places

Freelearn 110

This site provides tutorials for learning visual basic right from the fundamentals and that is all for free to the user.

Steam Community

This site enables user to learn Visual basic on an audio visual platform and thereby provides step wise guidance in the learning process.

VB .NET Tutorial PDF and eBooks to Download

These are some VB .NET downloadable resources available in PDF or eBook format. You can conveniently download it and take it with you for learning VB .NET offline.


Bookboon.com, one of the largest publishers of ebooks in the world (if not, the largest), lets you download “Introduction to Programming in Visual Basic 6.0” in PDF format. This book is basically for university students wanting to understand what programming is all about and how Excel functions. A section of “Putting It All Together” at the end of each chapter comprises of a set of exercises to help students in the learning process.

Visual Basic Books

This site provides extensive tutorials on Visual Basic 8 and serves as a great aid to learn the language for free.

Free Computer Books Lang Basic Books

This site is a store house of ebooks for learning different programming language at the very basic level and all for free

Tech Books

This is a way to some of the useful sites that contains resources for learning visual basic and associated concepts for free

MKA Soft

This site provides users with the fundamental knowledge required for learning visual Basic along with screen shots for guidance.

Visual Stack

This site entails user about the Visual basic programming language and the associated employment that one can get from it.

E Books Directory

This is considered a hub for all sorts of ebooks necessary for learning visual basic from the very preliminary level.

Online Programming Books

Ebooks available from the site help to learn visual basic.NET online easily from the beginner level and is available for free download.

Introduction To Programming In Visual Basic 6

This site provides user with an introduction to Visual basic 6 that is considered to be the most popular web application language.

Mastering Microsoft Visual Basic Net

This tutorial enables users to master the skills related to programming on visual basic.NET platform. This is available for free download.

Free Ed

This site provides resources for learning the fundamentals of visual basic and is quite useful for IT students and professionals.

Excel Vba Tutor

This a tutorial based site for learning the application of visual basic with office based applications like Microsoft Excel.

V Studio

This Microsoft link now allows free learning of visual basic 6.0 and its related application quite easily from the basic starter level.

VB .NET Free Whitepapers

NI White Paper

This site discusses on how Visual basic differs from.NET and the related ways to change from VB to .NET platform.

VB .NET Forums to Ask Questions

Discussion forums, message boards and question answers sites can be really helpful for beginner as well as advanced learning in any programming language. Many of common problems are already available on these websites. I have found very few cases when I was required to post a brand new question on any forum. Most of the time the question was already posted by some other learner for language and I just need to see the answer. These forum address the practical problem solving aspect for learning any language since many like minded people are visiting these forums.

51 Visual Basic Tutorials

This is a place to clear your doubts and thereby ask questions on the applications of Visual basic programming language

Developer Fusion

This site serves as a one stop addressing of issues associated with different queries related to programming on visual basic.NET platform


This forum entails visitor to post their queries with just a free registration and thereby gaining access to the wide discussion ground on VB.NET.

Hack Forums

This is something meant exclusively for the full end programmers to derive coding tips and the related happenings on a VB.NET platform.

VB City

This forum provides the latest happenings on a visual basic platform and gives access to the wide .NET community & developers.

Seven Forums

This is a forum to address issues related to Windows 7 and provides support for all issues pertaining to VB learning codes.

47 Programming

This forum is all about providing technical support for all issues related to programming on C, C++, VB and .NET platform.

BDP Betfair

The forum has always something new and afresh for its programmer community and keeps them updated on the happenings in the developer world.

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