10 Best Free iPad Home Automation Apps

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Luxury Home Automation Apps for iPad

Looking for home automation with iPad and iPhone? We have listed some of the best iPad apps that can help your do the home automation easily. These amazing apps can be used to do home lighting automation, home security automation and wireless home automation.

The ability to control your home’s temperature, ambiance and security while you’re out is one of life’s little luxuries. This kind of futuristic power may seem like it’s too extravagant for the average family, but with an iPad and one of these ten free apps, anyone can enjoy the power of home automation.

Indigo Touch

This handy, free app allows you to remotely control your lighting, appliances, HVAC and sprinkler system. It works from anywhere on the globe and can be used on multiple devices, including your iPhone and iPod Touch.

One of the worst feelings in the world is the anxiety that comes with realizing you left the house for a long trip without activating your alarm. The free app gives you the power to remotely activate and disarm your security system so you never have to go though that anxiety again. You can also use it to turn lights on or off, lock and unlock doors and watch video feeds from your security cameras

Blink Automation

Are you sick of having several different remote controls to operate your entertainment system? Then Blink Automation’s free app might be exactly what you need. With it, you can control your television, DVD player, music systems and more.


Home automation isn’t always just about functionality, it’s also about creating an ambiance that enhances each day. The free Savant app helps you do that by allowing you to create “scenes” for the app to complete at various times of the day. These scenes are pre-programmed sets of actions, such as raising the thermostat, opening the blinds and playing music, that set the tone for various periods throughout the day.


If you’ve got kids you want to keep an eye on from work, the free XFINITY Home app might be perfect for you. With it, you can control your thermostat and lighting, watch live video feeds from your security cameras, receive texts when your alarm is triggered or motion is detected, and arm or disarm your alarm.

Vivint Classic

Vivint connects to all the smart systems in your home, from HVAC to appliances. It also operates locks and keypads remotely, all through a simple, free, single-screen interface.

Control4 MyHome

The free Control4 app marries appliance, HVAC, and security control with entertainment control, allowing you to turn on your lights, monitor your security cameras, turn on your television and make a playlist all with a single app.


If you want to change the mood of a room with the swipe on your hand, then the free BeoLink system might be just what you need. With it, you can control your home’s audio system, curtains, lighting and more.

Inspire Home Automation

This free app is designed to focus exclusively on the thermostat in your home. With it, you can raise or lower the temperature and even turn the HVAC system off.

Nexia Home Intelligence

Nexia provides many of the same functions as other home automation apps, giving you the power to control security, HVAC and appliances remotely. But this free app also allows you to set temporary security codes so you can give guests or contractors temporary access to your home.

Home automation is the future! There are a lot of great apps and technologies available to make every day tasks less repetitive and more efficient. Click here for more ideas to help you automate your home.

Written by Tim Smith. Tim lives in Texas with his 2 children and blogs about home improvement topics. Tim writes for Modernize.

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