15 Useful Free Android Apps To Simplify Your Life

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Useful Free Android Apps

It doesn’t matter which Android smartphone or tablet you own, if it doesn’t have the apps you want on it; you won’t be happy. Fortunately, while there are many excellent paid Android apps available at Google Play, there are also plenty of free ones being developed daily that users can download and be quite satisfied.

While technology is held responsible by many to complicate our lives, apps for organizing our everyday mundane routines help us unwind or prioritize the things, which matter to our family and us. Several apps are out there for living a hassle free life and to organize your work, school and social life giving you ample room to spend quality time with your loved ones.

 Let’s explore some very useful apps that are particularly designed to make human life easier and simpler:


RunKeeper android app

By making use of the GPS technology in your iPhone, RunKeeper keeps track of all your fitness activities. Not only you can also manually enter your activities such as your treadmill runs , it is most popular for keeping track of jogging routines.

This includes all information related to how much distance you covered along with your speed and counts the number of calories burned in the process. What’s more, it can even display the path you followed by showing it on a map.

This app is a great way to start your day with a healthy routine as it shows you useful statistics of your fitness regime.


Back up your device’s photos, docs and videos to the cloud with Dropbox. Install the app on multiple devices so you can access your saved data from anywhere. It’s a great platform in which to share photos and more with friends.


Still considered one of the top social networks, Facebook for Android allows users to stay connected with friends, share photos and videos or post a status update while on the go.

Trailer Addict

Check out official movie trailers with Trailer Addict. Unlike YouTube, this free app doesn’t make users wade through commercials just to watch the latest movie trailer, although there is the occasional banner ad at the bottom of the screen. The trailers are timely and are high resolution.

Google Goggles

Take photos or scan barcodes or QR codes and let Google return search results with what it thinks you’re looking at with this free novelty app. Google Goggles can also read text in various languages and translate them into other ones.


While PushBullet is not a new app, its most recent update makes it one of the most powerful free apps users can get. This app allows you to “push” links, files or other items from your computer to phone and back. Pushbullet also shows you all your phone’s notifications right on your computer (if enabled).


evernote android app

Great for college students, Evernote allows users to save class notes, ideas, etc. in one place, whether it be a smartphone, tablet or computer. You can set up reminders, add images and even save web content.

Today, people want to make notes and clip images or web pages using their smart phones alone. Evernote is one of the most successful and popular apps to win the hearts of users worldwide. It proclaims to help you ‘remember everything’ and enables you to organize and share your data as well. With a passcode lock protecting your privacy, it lets your friends and colleagues notes you share with them. You can also view Note History for past versions of notes.


Get the latest local daily deals, coupons and discounts with Groupon. Start saving immediately on shopping excursions, new restaurants or even a relaxing massage. Users can buy and redeem Groupon deals from their mobile device, as well as track their purchased vouchers by expiration date and location.


For people who love to shop using their Smartphone, LivingSocial is the app to look for. Every day, it offers deals with discounts up to 50% -90% in your city. Browse through different deals or make a purchase directly from your Smartphone. Similar to Groupon, businesses sign up with the app for promoting their business. Every day, LivingSocial will send you an assortment of deals, which you avail through this app. This could be anything from a discounted or a half-off price for club memberships or massages. If you succeed in referring 3 friends to buy the same deal as yours, you can get that deal for free.

Locate nearby events, learn about your favorite musicians and share your musical tastes on social networks with This app also builds the perfect playlist from your favorite genre or artist.

TweetCaster For Twitter

Manage multiple Twitter accounts, sync between different devices, receive notifications of new Tweets and more with TweetCaster for Twitter. Users can also zip annoying tweeter or keywords or filter their timelines to their own specifications.


Stream your favorite movie or television show on your phone or other device with Netflix. Note: This app is only free with a paid Netflix membership.

Cal , The Calendar App:

With Cal, you will always have a calendar nearby. With your permission, this app collaborates with all of your social networks and your phone’s GPS to routinely fill in all information regarding to your appointments and their location. Cal also recommends nearby places if you’re looking for any options.
You can also navigate to the meeting place, make a call to the person you’re going to meet, view other people who are invited, explore the meeting location on a Google Map, and much more. By connecting it with Facebook, the app will tell you when it’s a friend’s birthday for you to wish him. This calendar app is a must-have to keep track of your official and personal events.


Cozi android app

An app used for creating and organizing a family calendar, Cozi sets up reminders for significant family appointments. Feel free to save your grocery lists, ‘to do’ stuff along with a family journal that you can share with your family members.

This allows you and other family members to see what needs to be bought for grocery items and what they have already checked off. You will never know how much harmony this app can bring to your family life unless you start using it.


Yelp adnroid app

With so many apps in the market trying to help users find the very best of restaurants and public places, there’s nothing better than Yelp when you are in need of such a place nearby. From a barbershop to a dry cleaner, the user can easily decide from the reviews or through helpful information by swiping to the bottom of each listing.

The filters also allow you to view what’s open at the moment so you won’t be disappointed when you get there.

Alternatively, a user can also enter a city of his choice to search elsewhere. Searches are conducted on the basis of keywords or you can browse through listings by category.

If you are strapped for cash or simply looking for a deal, free Android apps are certainly a great way to get what you want on your phone or device. What’s even better is if you pair them with a free or highly discounted Android device from a carrier such as T-Mobile. This mobile device giant is making strides in field of telecommunications by paying users’ early termination fees and offering no contract plans as a way of building its client base.

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