How To Change Company Logo Liferay Portal 6.x

Liferay bundle (Tomcat) comes with a default company logo for In this post I am going to cover 2 ways to change this logo with your own company logo/picture.
  1. How to change company logo - Administrator Style

    • Login to Liferay Portal with a admin user id. (The default user id is : and password is: test)
    • On the top toolbar go to Manage - Control Panel
    • On the left navigation bar go to Settings Link in "Portal" Section. Settings page should be displayed.
    • On Settings page go to "Display Settings" link in Miscellaneous section on right navigation menu.
    • Click on the "Change" link and select your company logo.
    • Click on the "Save" button at the right navigation menu.
    • Now click on the "Back to Liferay" link on top navigation bar.
  2. How to change company logo - Developer Style

    1. Overriding portal default configuration
    2. Create a file with name "" with following content. If it already exists then append below line in the file. (Replace the name of image file with you company image file name.)
      The property field "" is a default property which is configured in "" file. By creating file we can override the existing values of portal config without touching the original configuration.
    3. Copy Files in server CLASSPATH
    4. Copy and company logo file to below location \tomcat-\webapps\ROOT\WEB-INF\classes Both of these files needs to be in server CLASSPATH to be read by the portal.
    5. Restart server
    6. Refresh the browser window and changes should be visible on the portal home page.

    Watch this Youtube Video to see all steps

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  1. How can i change organization's logo by code?

  2. (Replace the name of image file with you company image file name.) -- Where is the location of the image to replace?

    1. The company_logo.png file is located at - tomcat/webapps/ROOT/html/themes/control_panel/images/common/company_logo.png

      You can replace it or put another file at this location.

  3. Very nice presentation which make better idea to change


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