25+ Best Free Java Tutorials, eBooks & PDF To Learn Java Online


Are you thinking to learn Java programming? Well, I guess you have come to the right place. In this page, we have tried to compile various types of high quality, free and premium java learning resources including websites, forums, e-books and cheat-sheets.

Java is a programming language, which is object oriented, independent, multi threaded, secure, dynamic and robust. Owing to its multi level functionality, Java has become one of the most popular and widely used general purpose languages which can help you develop robust applications.

Java forms the core of almost all business applications. It has many scripting languages as well as popular frameworks which can help develop client side and server side applications. Hence, learning Java is much more than increasing your knowledge base; it can provide the much required boost to your career.

This articles contains different kinds of free web resources (in addition to Must read Java Books) that you can use to learn Java online

Best Free e-books (PDF|Online) to Learn Java

If you are fond of reading, you can easily download one of the free e-books on Java and start learning the language on your own. Most of these online books are updated, complete and cover the Java programming language in great details.

Official Java Tutorial by Oracle (Sun)

This is the official online Java tutorial of book from Addison-Wesley

Java Application Development on Linux by Carl Albing and Michael Schwarz(PDF)

A handy guide for Java development on Linux platform.

Official Java EE Tutorial

Official Java Tutorial from Oracle In PDF Format

Thinking In Java

Online free Version of popular book Thinking In Java by Bruce Eckel.

Inside the Java Virtual Machine

Free chapters of the a really good book "Inside the Java Virtual Machine" by Bill Venners.

Data Structures and Algorithms with Object-Oriented Design Patterns in Java

A good online book for mid level experienced Java developer to understand design pattern using Java language.

Introduction to Programming Using Java

Online version of book "Introduction to Programming Using Java".

Core Servlets and JavaServer

ITs Free Online Version of Core Servlets and JavaServer Pages book

Think Java

An introduction to java programming for beginners.

OSGI In Practice

Free PDF Book on Java OSGI Platform development for advanced/expert developers.

Beginners Tutorials

  1. Tutorials By mkyong.com Very handy simple tutorials created by a expert Java developer for getting kick started on Java and related frameworks.
  2. Java String Split Tutorial (By FromDev)
  3. Java String Trim Tutorial (By FromDev)
  4. Java for students A site for beginners tutorial for java students.

Top Free Websites To Learn Java

One of the most effective ways in which you can learn the language is through one of the credible Java websites. These websites will not only help you understand the various important concepts and applications of Java but will also provide you with the latest articles, news as well as online tutorials.

Java SE Specification

This contains the Java Language and Virtual Machine Specifications for deeper understanding for Java language.

Java Generics FAQs

A really good question answer format online tutorial for common Java Generics related concepts.

Core Servlets Java Tutorials

A very good resource for experienced java developers.

Java Programming FAQs and Tutorials

This site contains many specialized and general Java Programming Topics in question answer format.

Java Practices

This site provides presentations of Java practices, tasks, and designs, and a huge set of syntax-highlighted code examples.

Programming Notes

Simple java tutorials for beginners.


Single web page tutorial on Java by Elliotte Rusty Harold

Java Lessons

Java and JSP Tutorials with Examples.

Essentials of Java Programming

Online version of training content for training Essentials of the Java Programming Language, Part 1.

Best Free Video Tutorials

The online video tutorials will help you get started with understanding and making use of the Java language. These tutorials are prepared by Java professionals and are available for beginners as well as advanced users.

Tutorials for Java Development with Eclipse

These are simple video tutorials for Java development using eclipse IDE.

Video Tutorials By Java9s

Free Online video tutorials for Java beginners and mid level programmers.

Java Tutorial for Beginners

Free Online youtube video tutorials with a easy browsing list for navigation.

Java Videos and Screencasts

Various free Java video tutorials for beginners.

Best Free Web Forums To Ask Questions on Java

You can also make use of online web forums where the entire Java community gets to meet under a single roof. You will get an opportunity to interact with Java programmers from around the globe, by sharing your own knowledge or asking questions.


One of my favorite community to ask to the point question. If you are asking question with appropriate details and tags someone would surely answer. There are also chances that the question is already asked on this forum and you may see it on google results.


A really friendly forum to get questions answered on java and related frameworks.

jGuru Forum

Sometimes I have found this forum to be useful in case others do not work out. This site also contains a lot of good articles on java and related technologies.

Java.net Forum

Another good forum for only java specific questions and answers.

Best Free Cheat Sheets For Java

You can also get hold of some Java cheat sheets from the web which will round up as your quick reference guides as well.

Java API Docs

The best cheat sheet, that I always prefer is Java official API documentation. It handy to easily browse through various classes and their documentation.

DZone Cheatsheets

Best Resource for Java and related technology cheat sheets and good articles.

Java Reference (By Dream In Code)

A simple cheat sheet for java beginners.

Quick Reference By Digilife

Contains simple quick notes to use variety of java programming constructs .

Cheatsheet by mindprod.com

One page simple online handy cheat sheet.

Cheatsheet by Princeton University

Summary of most commonly-used Java language features in one page.

Looking for even more and better resources?

I love free resources, however it may not be easy to go on various places and try to learn quickly. Sometimes spending a little for quick learning can save a lot of hassle. Below are some resources you may want to try if you think free resources are not enough.


In case you prefer to read good paper or kindle books, check out our top paid java books article

Paid Video Tutorials

I have personally liked Lynda.com for Java and related tutorials since it has a easy economic subscription and you may choose from many high quality tutorials at low price. You may also want to try Java tutorials by oreillyschool.

Most of the organizations today are looking to hire skilled Java programmers. So, besides increasing your knowledge base, if you wish to gain a strong foothold within the corporate world, learning Java language is certainly important.


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