Benefits of Outsourced Check Printing and Mailing

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Benefits of Outsourced Check Printing and Mailing
While writing and mailing checks might seem like a thing of the past for many individuals, it’s still a critical process for many businesses. The ability to send payments without fees to vendors, employees and service providers often supports vital functions of many companies, regardless of their size and scale of operations. Outsourcing check printing and mailing can help businesses manage these types of payments, which can ultimately save considerable time and money.

If writing out check payments is a time-consuming process for your business, it’s time to consider outsourcing this central aspect of your accounting department. Outsourcing service providers can help you meet all payment demands and deadlines without worrying about writing a check out manually again. Bulk dispatches, recurring vendor payments, and simple dispensations become a function of your accounts payable that you’ll never have to worry about again. In this article, we’ll review some of the key benefits of outsourcing your check printing and mailing to help you select the right payment services for your business.


Never Write Checks Manually Again

Writing checks manually is always a hassle, even if you’re just sending out a single payment. When you scale this manual writing process upwards to meet the needs of your business, you’ll likely be spending an incredible amount of time and resources on simple transactions when you could have your team focusing on more core functions of your company. By outsourcing your check printing and mailing, you ensure that you never have to waste time filling out checks again. As an added bonus, the thermochromic ink that most check printing companies use to fill orders is significantly more secure than writing out a check by hand.


Integration With Existing Systems

When you bring on an outsourcing company to help manage your check payments, you shouldn’t have to switch out of your existing business management software to place an order. If you’re using a program like SAP, Oracle NetSuite, or Sage, you can order payments, receive notifications, and track documents in the mail with customized API integrations. These connections between systems ensure you never have to waste time learning a new software product before you can begin placing orders.

API integrations are essentially links between your existing software and the company’s payment ordering system so that the two programs communicate with each other. The right outsourced check printing and mailing service for your business makes setting up these integrations, along with webhook notifications, as simple as possible. In many cases, the company you’re working with will have an entire development staff who has experience linking your software with theirs.


Automate Your Recurring Payments

Automation for recurring payments can go a long way toward improving the efficiency of your accounts payable. If you’re spending time each week, day, or month ensuring that a particular check payment reaches a familiar payee, it’s time to consider outsourcing your check printing and mailing. Securely save payment information with your service provider to ensure keeping up with repeating payments is never an issue again.
Check Stock Security Features

Check printing and document mailing companies likely have significantly more effective security protocols for keeping both your company’s and the payee’s payment information safe. Beyond the secure encryption provided by a custom API, there are several ways your services provider can boost the security of your payments. Professionally printed check stock and envelopes can help reduce the risk for your accounts and eliminate the potential for lost payments.

Features such as controlled paper stock, fourdrinier watermarks, and chemical wash detection boxes are standard for business checks. Toner anchorage, along with sequenced inventory control numbers and microprinting, can help take the security of these payments to the next level. And with quick same-day or two-day mailing services, you can reduce risks simply by ensuring the check spends less time in the mailing. MICR ink can also help to reduce the number of bank rejections.


Duplicate Payment and Payment Error Notification

Notifications of errors with payments will reach you faster than ever with the assistance of an outsourced check printing service at your side. Webhooks or any easy-to-use online ordering portal allows the user to resolve these issues with expedited efficiency so that your checks always arrive on time. In many cases, the check printing and mailing service you’re hiring has staff on hand that can resolve these issues for you, saving you a considerable amount of time.


Address Cleansing

In many cases, outsourcing your check printing and mailing includes address cleansing for all your payments, which can help to eliminate the potential for losing checks in the mail. The provider company will usually double-check each new address before the document or payment is sent and notify you of an issue. Just as with duplicate payments or bank rejections, the outsourcing service provider will help to resolve these issues behind the scenes so that you don’t have to waste time double-checking all of the relevant payment information.


Reliable Customer Support

As with any outsourcing services provider, transparency should always be a core value of the company. The outsourced services you pay for should act as an extension of your team that’s always in communication with your accounting department or relevant professionals, rather than an isolated operation. Customer service you can count on throughout the work week goes a long way towards ensuring your company’s check payments never become a hassle again. Before signing on with an outsourced check printing and mailing service, make sure you ask about the availability of their support team.


Conclusion- Benefits of Outsourced Check Printing and Mailing

Tired of writing and mailing your checks in-house? Losing valuable hours of the day sending simple payments? Check printing and mailing services are an outstanding way to improve the efficiency and security of all your payment operations. Whether you’re sending a bulk dispatch of a thousand checks or a simple recurring disbursement to a vendor, you’ll have peace of mind for all your payments.

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