Main Reasons for Choosing Amazon Web Services

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 Main Reasons for Choosing Amazon Web Services

Every successful web-project shall apply a credible cloud-based platform for the site to operate in the most optimal way to avoid any possible failures or glitches. We are to present you Top 5 benefits to going for AWS. Shall we?

1. Responsive Control and Tracking System

To ensure a site proper functioning a holder shall watch to keep track of its multiple characteristics monitoring the resource 24/7. Amazon presents AWS CloudWatch along with SNS as tracing instruments.

# AWS CloudWatch

It makes sense that given service could only be employed in Amazon EC2. Standing for Elastic Compute Cloud and being integrated into AWS cloud framework, Amazon EC2 serves as a reliable computation web-based solution. It’s to regulate and control various computing activities with minimum resource expenditures while having an understandable interface.

AWS CloudWatch itself supplies with statistical analysis and prepares graphs with cloud service workloads. When you establish data infrastructure by means of the Amazon AWS services, and when you need to tweak servers and platforms, AWS CloudWatch shall come to the rescue.

AWS CloudWatch Objectives

  • It notifies staff in charge – sysadmins or project leaders – of memory consumption level increase (you set percentage criteria). It’s applied to realize the loading causes and find approaches to decreasing it.
  • It enhances server credibility due to productive capacities automated upscale. Meaning, when website loadings grow dramatically, to prevent possible server capacities troubles, AWS shall start autoscaling.

# Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS)

SNS serves to arrange inner business and mobile text message exchanging when applied in complicated networking. The service messages on a massive scale everywhere providing SMS or emails options.

# AWS CloudWatch together with SNS

Working as a team CloudWatch decides on activities to be performed and SNS picks the optimum notifying solutions, like, emails, SMS, push, etc. One of such solutions is web-hooks that ensures integration with the rest of notification platforms, say, phone calling and others.

We hope you do realize how great it can work for you.

 Main Reasons for Choosing Amazon Web Services

2. Suitable and Practical Distribution Lists

Obviously, any resources require credible mailing systems, and AWS has surely succeeded on this matter.

# Promo Emailing Campaigns

Amazon is proud to present its SES (Simple Email Service) option. It was designed for in-bulk and usual emailing, needlessly to create a separate (personal) mailing server, and with no risk to get on senders’ black book.


  • Given service is a great helper in e-commerce, as it provides updates on order statuses, sends delivery notifications, confirms purchases, etc.
  • As to marketing, AWS SES advertises goods and services, promoting them by means of various publicity campaigns.

SES is really great, as it significantly simplifies the process to set your mail server. It’s especially perfect to manage mass-scale mail distribution. Honestly speaking, mass-scale mail distribution demands below-mentioned characteristics:

  • a domain of a sender, like,, for instance, to bear specific DNS data
  • a server to distribute e-mails is to be adequately adjusted;
  • IP of the server is to be of an excellent reputation.

And SES is proud to comply with such requirements in order to make e-mails that look like spam successfully overcome any possible spam filters of recipients. As you can see now, SES serves to be an amazing instrument to guarantee successful letters delivery.

One more important thing for you to remember when dealing with SES: you can choose any mailing software to connect it with SES. The only condition – it shall operate with SMTP protocols.

Amazon WorkMail is one of AWS options that could be integrated with SES.

# AWS WorkMail

From the functionalities perspective, Amazon WorkMail looks like Gmail. Being a sought after Amazon service, it assists with sending and receiving e-letters with no complex distribution server setup. Make sure you have obtained domain name together with availability to administer DNS data.

AWS WorkMail Key Functionalities

  • great mailbox capacity;
  • handy domain setting up;
  • supporting MS Active Directory accounts;
  • data is encrypted by means of standard SSL;
  • all letters (both incoming and outcoming) are being scanned.

We are sure that you’ll enjoy such a benefit for you and your business. What do you think?

 Main Reasons for Choosing Amazon Web Services

3. Managing DNS Data

DNS data serves to represent the conformity between a name and the service info in Domain Name System, for instance, the conformity between name and IP-address or name and location, and so on.

AWS Route 53 is applied to run DNS data, and it includes three instruments in one:

  • service for registering the names of the domain;
  • the control board of DNS data;
  • DNS name server.

Well, you have created a domain, owing to a hosting server together with IP-address. We assume you would like your clients to type your domain name in the bar to see specific content at your server. Adding a particular record in your DNS control board will do the job. Given record is required to link your IP-address with the name of your domain, and it’s named A record.

Domain registrar is the one to ensure DNS control board access. Route 53 operates as a usual DNS when it’s about spreading data on new A record to all other DNS web-servers.

AWS Route 53 allows you to enjoy AAAA, SOA, TXT, CNAME, CAA, and others. And it can also manage other DNS data that were not obtained by means of Amazon.

It sounds like a great advantage. Do you agree?

4. Data Access From Any Point of The World

Amazon presents OpenVPN framework to ensure safe accessing and data protection. Such program works great with AWS EC2.

Site-to-site Configuration

This is what Amazon technologies make possible. That would be a number-one solution for companies having offices in different cities and countries. Given configuration shall assist in the integration of all those locations to make one common corporation network connecting multiple local networking.

VPN Configuration of a Remote Access

It’s another great AWS technique. With such an approach, a corporation gives its staff remote access to the database. And VPN still hides resources protecting them from unauthorized third-party accessing. No matter where the requested site is kept – in the office LAN or at the cloud – it will succeed in both cases. The access is granted when a client gadget is applied for a VPN connection. That is a perfect tool when a corporation needs to provide its numerous staff with remote access to the company database.

In both cases, no matter what configuration you decide to apply, data is exchanged by means of an encrypted tunnel, and data encryption is ensured with VPN and IPSec technique.

 Main Reasons for Choosing Amazon Web Services

5. Already-Made Servers

There are two servers – Virtual Private Server (VPS) and Virtual Dedicated Server (VDS). They are to offer customers a special virtual framework. VDS together with VPS operates to imitate a real physical server operation.

VDS ensures extra security while applying unusual technologies. That is one of the must-have characteristics for frequently visited frameworks.

You must be happy to find out that AWS presents two kinds of already-made virtual frameworks to choose from. One is an OS + preliminary installed framework, and the other one is a net operation program.

Do you still have any doubts about a need for AWS? We think all its advantages are pretty clear. Think about it!

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