How Will FileMaker Evolve in the Future

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It’s interesting to follow the progress of FileMaker and see it gaining more and more popularity in different circles. The attention that’s being paid to the platform is definitely well deserved, but those who want to make sure that they will be able to make proper use of it, in the long run, should familiarize themselves with the evolution trends of the platform, and know what to expect from it some years from now. That way, you can always be prepared for any new developments that arrive in the market, and you’ll be able to meet the changing requirements of your applications without too much hassle.

More Focus On Rapid Deployment

There is already a lot being said about the potential of FileMaker to facilitate rapid app development and deployment, and this will likely become an even hotter topic in the near future. Many companies are paying close attention to methods that can optimize their workflows in this regard, and a tool that can allow a development team to have something up and running in a short period of time is an invaluable asset in the current environment. 

This will become even more valid as automation technologies continue to take ground, and we’re likely going to see a lot more attention being paid to FileMaker’s capabilities for rapid prototyping and deployment of applications, as well as its benefits when it comes to getting user feedback quickly.

More Intuitive Development Tools

We will also likely see development tools that make more sense from the perspective of someone without intricate knowledge of FileMaker’s systems and hierarchy. This is important because we will certainly need all the extra work power we can get to implement the complex projects that the near future is surely going to require. Many development teams are already paying active attention to the idea of making their tools more accessible for the common user, and it will be interesting to follow that trend and see how it evolves. 

AI is likely going to play a major role in defining the tools of tomorrow, and while it’s hard to tell how far we will go in this direction, it’s not hard to imagine a situation where a user “develops” an app by just listing out its specifications in a natural language, with a system running in the background taking care of the more complex parts of the development process.

Even More Community Support

FileMaker already enjoys a lot of support from its users, both professionals, and hobbyists, and it’s showing every sign that this is going to continue in the near future too. From online communities of fellow users to professional services like FileMaker hosting – the market is quite rich and active right now, and there is no shortage of options for you to use. As long as you understand the requirements of your own projects well enough, you should be able to find the right partner without too much difficulty and keep working with them in the future too. 

And you generally don’t need to compare current companies too much to see which ones have been around the longest, and which are showing signs that they will be around in the near future as well.

Better Security

People working closely with FileMaker know that the platform has some issues with its security when it’s used by less experienced users, but thankfully, a lot of effort is being put in this area right now and the situation is getting better and better. There is already a lot of attention on these issues, and people are working hard to educate FileMaker users and developers on appropriate practices and prevent them from making common mistakes. And if things keep going the same way, the situation will likely become even better in the near future, taking a huge load off the shoulders of those who use FileMaker the most.

After all, it will significantly improve things for everyone when users don’t have to occupy their minds with small details related to the current security organization of the company’s systems. Allowing every developer to focus more actively on figuring out a good workflow for their own application is going to benefit everyone on some level, including end users who rely on FileMaker apps in their daily work.

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