How to Get a Job as a Java Developer?

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How to Get a Job as a Java Developer?

Becoming a Java developer is a great career choice right now as everything is moving towards digital.

Technology is ever evolving and if you want to join this industry, it is possible to find your first Java developer job quickly. Once you’ve done your training and practicing how Java works, you should be able to take on any project and do well. 
The important factor is to do really well at your first job and then ask your client to refer you to other clients or give you a good reference. This is how you eventually build a clientele. For now, we’ll focus on getting that first job and start your new career.

First Thing First: Learn Java Thoroughly 

Java is a popular programming language that is used for thousands of applications. You must learn it first to get a job as a java programmer. Below are some resources that will help you learn java on your own. 
  1. Step 1: Buy a Java book – If you are serious about learning java I would recommend you to start with a book and then try going online. Many beginners get distracted in online learning. These are some recommended Java books that you can choose from. 
  2. Step 2: Use Interactive Tutorials online – These are some websites that support learning programming in browser-based setup. This avoids complex setup steps that may scare you at the beginner stage. Here is a list of some good beginners learning websites that are interactive.
  3. Step 3: Use Online TutorialsOnline Java tutorials are many however, you may want to focus on latest trends and best practices around java.
  4. More tips: this page has more tips for you to learn java on a self-paced and organized way.

Become An Expert

Many new developers focus on getting to know the basics and then set out to start their first job. You can do better than that by learning everything there is to learn about this programming language. If you want to impress your clients, go the extra mile and make yourself an asset to them. 
If you can do more than the next developer, your clients will always come back to you. Do a research proposal for computer science and keep this as your guide when you start your first job. 

Some tips to get better at Java programming are below

  1. Do more projects for real customers. Go freelancing
  2. Learn more about java performance
  3. Learn about open source Java libraries and how to use them.
  4. Contribute to open source projects.

Stay Updated About Latest Java Trends

It is important to be up to date with the latest development on java technology. Some tips to stay up to date are listed below

Start A Blog

You need to advertise your business but a better way to do this is to have an amazing blog. Here you can post valid information about Java and show off your skills. 
It’s like promoting yourself while building something sustainable. You also need a place to direct people to who wants to see your work. Do before and after pictures as samples to showcase what you can help them with. 

Social Media

Social media presence for java jobs

Even if you are the best Java developer out there, the possibility of no one ever finding you is huge. You need to get your name out there and social media is a great platform for you to achieve this. You are able to connect with others and promote your business in a casual setting. 

There is no need to overly promote yourself and making each post about how great you are. Let everyone know that this is what you do and leave it at that. When they need a Java developer, at least they will remember that this is what you do and you could possibly land your first job.

Apply Online

Even though this seems obvious, if you do not want to promote yourself, you have to actually apply to jobs. Go to every job portal and type in your keywords. There are many jobs posted only these days because the need for good Java developers is huge. 

You cannot just sit back and wait for the jobs to come to you. Once you have your foot in the door, do your best and see how you grow. If someone needs Ph.D. help, make sure you can offer that. Whatever is needed in that job add, prove to the recruiter that you are the best.

Keep Up With Trends

Some of us like to stick to the basics, but you have to keep on improving yourself and one way of doing that is keeping up with trends. Look at what people are looking for in job ads and if you do not have the skills yet, take an advanced course or ask someone to teach you. By constantly improving yourself, you are able to apply for most jobs in your industry. Many programming languages have a basic set of rules, but you have to be different if you want to stand out and be noticed.

Have A Great Resume

If a client contacts you, be sure to have an up to date resume. Your resume should be clear about the services you offer and how you can help the business. Do not send out a generic resume to every client. Instead, tweak your resume to align with every job you are applying for. 

Everyone will be requiring different skills and you need to make sure you highlight those skills in your resume. Keep your resume short and to the point, as recruiters and employers have a stack of resumes to go through. 
All they want to know is if you are a good fit for their business and that is all you need to convince them of. 
Update your LinkedIn profile and keep your LinkedIn resume ready for any employer who may be hiring.

Improve Your Interviewing Skills

Improve Your Interviewing Skills

Many companies will require an interview and you need to be prepared at all time. Sometimes you have to interview soon after applying so always keep up with possible questions they may ask

Do some research on which questions are asked in an interview for a Java developer. You can usually find a lot of information on the internet if you use the correct keywords. 
Another way is to speak to current developers at the company and get their opinion. Dress appropriately, which basically just means that you should at least look neat and put together. Have your resume and necessary documents with you in case they ask for it. Many more tips about interviewing skills are listed on this free interview prep ebook.
Also, check out these interview prep books that can make you an expert at cracking interview at top employers.
Act as professional as your personality allows and try to impress the recruiter or employer with your skills.


There is nothing different from getting your first developer job and any other job. Always be an expert in your field and apply all your previous job hunting skills. Let people know what you do, apply and get your resume together. Once you get the call to tell you that your first job is in the bag, you should be ready to start immediately. 

There are also many freelance jobs out there if you do not want to be bound to an office. Many developers work for themselves from home. Be clear about what you want to do before you apply. If you see a job that fits your skills and aligns with your preferred method of work, apply and see what happens. 
If you are good at what you do and your application states that, it won’t be long before you can call yourself an employed Java developer.

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