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Voice Recognition Checklist: AI for EHS App You Need

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Voice Recognition Checklist: AI for EHS App You Need

In this short article, I would like to tell you more about one curious application of Artificial Intelligence (AI), or one of its subcategories – Voice Recognition. Using this amazing capability of AI, it is possible to create business applications that can significantly improve the level of safety in risky professions.

In our case, the voice recognition checklist was developed for anesthesiologists, since in this industry it is extremely important to control the processes and schedules of the assigned tasks, identify weaknesses in a timely manner and test the competence of personnel. Each mistake can cause irreversible consequences, the price of which is the health and life of people. This is just one of the applications of voice controlled apps.

However, it can be useful in any risky industry, such as construction or oil & gas, in which each action must be coordinated and go clearly according to the list, every step must be performed and human mistakes are simply unacceptable. This application can be successfully applied both in medicine and in logistics, administrative affairs, investment, telecommunications, oil & gas, and manufacturing.

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Relevance, Significance, and Application in Anesthesia

In the modern world, scientific and technological progress is unfolding at a high speed, technologies are developing exponentially, and we all live in the era of mobile devices, including medical specialists, anesthesiologists in particular. They increasingly rely on medical checklist applications on their devices to ensure they take all the necessary steps to manage a patient’s anesthesia.

Doctors constantly use such checklists, but even so, they encounter many difficulties in the process. They are required to:

  • Establish the order in which the main points in the anesthesia process must be followed
  • Confirm the completion of each required action in accordance with the established procedure
  • Observe effective crew interaction.

In general, it is important to understand that it is necessary not only to compile and have these checklists with you, but to carefully adhere to each point, and not to proceed to the next one without completing and confirming the previous one. A lack of transparency and of accountability may lead to an environment in which errors are overlooked.

Being a doctor is not an easy task, so if you can make your life even a little easier, do it. After all, this application was developed to accomplish all of the above tasks. Although, as mentioned earlier, it can be successfully applied in other areas where accuracy and order are important.

What Issues Does this Application Solve?

The main purpose of this app is to allow doctors to use checklists hands-free without interrupting the process.

In addition, it is important to provide medical personnel with quick access to all anesthetic and surgical checklists. This is necessary for fruitful and high-quality work between all members of the crew and their instant mutual understanding. Because in a critical situation there is no time for reflection and delay.

So, the goals are clear, the tasks are defined. The application is now as clear as possible, simple to configure and manage, and most importantly, it works without interruptions due to the elimination of human errors. How does it all work? It uses autonomous voice control technology and has about two dozen options available in the application.

Features and Benefits of the Product

This solution is a program that allows anesthesiologists, together with their team, to use and act according to established checklists, without using their hands but only speaking the desired commands. During surgery, anesthesiologists must mark the completion of each important step on a checklist, they can now do this simply by giving a command with their voice. It is extremely convenient because doctors do not need to be distracted from the important process by constantly raising their eyes to the monitor. After each action has already been performed, the program informs you what action needs to be performed next.

  • It works completely autonomously, which means that even if you do not have an uninterrupted network connection, it can still work without endangering the patient.
  • This app informs you about the next step as soon as you confirm the previous one. This is very important, because no one is immune from forgetfulness, and a person’s life is at stake. Thus, you can forget about the fear of missing any necessary step during the operation!
  • All lists are controlled by voice and nothing else, so you don’t need to be distracted from the operation to give a command or to know what to do next.
  • Each list can be edited to suit the needs of each individual patient. After all, the body of each person is unique and this must be taken into account in order to maintain his health.
  • During surgery, doctors use many varied programs, and the checklist needs to be able to be used in the background. And there is such an opportunity! You can easily switch between different applications and the app will continue to run without interfering with other programs.
  • Using this application is simple and safe, all actions are clear and stored in one place.

Voice-Controlled Apps in Business Sectors

This application is very versatile and can be found in almost every industry. It is suitable wherever you need accuracy, clear goal setting, elimination of human errors, and constant reporting.

Here are some more good examples of this application:

  • In logistics (By using checklists in this area, you can ensure that your entire supply chain meets all standards and is safe and efficient, which guarantees less wasted resources and a tighter delivery cycle for your customers)

  • In Investment and Auditing (To help you design an in-depth research process, from generating and researching investment ideas to assessing the quality of a business and its management team.

  • In professional diving (In this industry it is literally vital that all equipment is in order and not a single action is missed);

  • In the energy and utility sector (It can be used to ensure the order of all processes and safety in the enterprise. After all, mistakes in this area can be fatal.);

  • In oil & gas (Control of each action will help eliminate or minimize the risks of accidents, environmental damage, or damage to technological equipment. After all, eliminating the consequences of man-made disasters is expensive and can take years)


Statistically, about 60 percent of medical professionals use specific medical apps, especially checklist apps. A voice checklist app is a voice-driven checklist that follows a specific algorithm, the goal of which is to ensure that no step is forgotten. Through these checklists, accuracy, coordination, and teamwork are maintained in the operating room, all of which play a critical role in patient safety.

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