Here’s What PC Gaming Looked Like Then and Now

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 Here’s What PC Gaming Looked Like Then and Now

Isn’t playing games on your PC a different kind of fun? The experience has always been tactile, moving the mouse, pressing keys, and typing responses to other players online. To cap it off, you can watch the game unfold on a big screen for a larger-than-life effect.

Arcade, Atari, and a World of Video Games

Before video games become portable or played in the comfort of one’s home, they were found in arcades. Coin-operated machines provided entertainment for folks in the ’70s. Then came along consoles, home computers, and business computers, although the distinction between home and office use has long been gone.

Looking back at games that hailed in the ’80s, you can say the games were straightforward. They may look nothing to modern interfaces, but they fulfilled the promise of fun and entertainment at that time. Some of them have risen to the ranks of classics like Diablo, StarCraft, and The Sims, which gamers and nongamers can recognize.

Today’s PC gaming has never been more varied, vibrant, and visual.

  • Action, adventure, role-playing, simulation, strategy, sports, MMO, board games, and those focused on logic, trivia, and programming are a few of the genres. And each of those types is further broken down to subgenres.
  • Video games have been synonymous with recreation or education. Add to that esports, which is how pro or skilled gamers compete and earn money by playing League of Legends, among a myriad of titles.
  • Consoles never left the scene; there is always a next-generation model to be unveiled at E3.

How to Build a Gaming PC

For all their portability, smartphones have yet to kill personal computers in the gaming world. The personal computers’ ability to morph into a beast built for gaming makes them relevant to gamers. Desktops give justice to graphics and provide the control afforded by the mouse or keyboard.

Indeed, a gamer’s pursuit is a state-of-the-art gaming computer to support current and possible future releases. And the best way to go about this is customization. You have the freedom to pick out the key pieces such as the video card, processor, memory, and others that will elevate your game and hone your skills for competition, perhaps. 

Standard PCs are good, but gaming computers are even better. With the right and efficient equipment, you have your fun, plus you exercise your brain for better memory and fine motor skills.

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