DGT Electronic Board and Beginners Guide

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DGT Electronic Board and Beginners Guide

Congratulation on acquiring an e-board.

No doubt, DGT electronic boards are the new norm in the chess game. These boards are replacing the physical boards and offering great features. You are joining a new world of chess where you can record, store and assess your progress.

Also, the e-boards will help you train and understand different moves and tricks to gain victory over your competitor. In other words, you will have a personal coach.

Do you have fans who want to follow you when taking part in an online chess tournament? The DGT e-board supports your objective by allowing you to have a live broadcast of the game. Here are some great features you need to know and utilize in your e-board.

Bluetooth and USB Connectivity

The e-board is transforming how you will be playing chess. You can choose to stick next to your computer or play your game as you get some breeze on your balcony. The device comes with both USB and Bluetooth connectivity. You can connect it through Bluetooth and play while relaxing on your couch or balcony.

As such, the device offers some level of flexibility and experience. It allows you to make a choice of where to stay without having to sit next to your computer.


Chess Pieces with Chips

DGT e-board is bringing a revolution in the chess game. The board has the capability of transmitting and recording your moves to a computer. To make this possible, it comes with chess pieces fitted with a unique chip. Each piece has a distinct chip that makes it recognizable electronically.

When you move a piece, the computer will record and relay the same to your opponent. So, you won’t struggle to try to figure out your moves or having to repeat them.


Do you want to play your game without having to look back on your computer screen? With an e-board, this is possible. All you will require is to purchase a DGT Pi. This device – sold separately – allows you to focus on the game without having to check the computer screen.

Your e-board supports the Pi. So, you can perfectly connect your board and enjoy your game anywhere even when on the go.


LED Indicators

The best aspect of the DGT electronic boards is that they focus on helping you concentrate on the game. The devices feature a LED light that indicates your opponent’s move on the board. So, you do not have to keep shifting your eyes towards the computer screen before making your moves.

This aspect makes your game an enjoyable and amusing experience.


Train Mode

Probably, you are new to the chess world. You do not have an idea of the best moves to make to reign over your competitor. Getting a DGT e-board is a perfect step to becoming a chess champ. The designers had a beginner in mind when making the e-boards.

For this reason, this board features a tutor mode where you can learn how to make moves to defeat your opponents. It will teach you tricks for outsmarting your opponents by avoiding weak links that they can utilize.

Recording and Live Broadcast

Knowing your progress and the mistake you made in the past moves can help you improve your game. The e-board features recording capabilities. This means that you can retrieve and analyze your previous moves and learn from them.

Also, if you have fans and friends, you broadcast your games online and allow them to watch as your challenge various opponent. The device comes with a live broadcast feature to make this goal achievable.

So, now you have the right tool to enjoy a chess game. Go and utilize these features on your DGT electronic board and start your journey to becoming a chess champ.

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