How to Send Fax by Google Online Faxing ServicesHow to send a fax online

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How to Send Fax by Google Online Faxing Services

Before Google became a mainstream search engine fax was the most used method of communication. Since fax is still in use by many organizations and entrepreneurs so Google has incorporated faxing services within products.

Now you can ditch your fax machine because Google has made faxing paperless so there is no need to spend money on costly papers and ink cartridges. You can feel modern and new while sending and receiving fax through Google faxing services. Google products like Gmail and Google drive. It is time saving and simple.

No faxing is done without printing the document out, typing it, and then using the fax machine to send it down the telephone lines. For using these Google products you need the help of a third party that is online faxing services.

Role of Google Fax Services in the Process of Online Faxing

These online faxing services convert the TIFF files sent by the conventional fax machine into the digital PDF files. You can replace your bulky fax machine with this software. These online faxing services act as your virtual fax machines.

To choose a proper online fax service, you can refer to Google fax-free. It is a famous fax blog trusted by millions of users when it comes to choosing the most suitable online fax service.

CocoFax- Online Google Fax Service

Google Fax Free recommends CocoFax as the world’s leading online fax service. With millions of positive reviews and endorsement by well-reputed forums, CocoFax has promised to provide the top-notch services to its customers. CocoFax has made Google online faxing more convenient, as Google Fax Free suggests.

It provides you a free fax number when you sign up for the one-month free trial. You can choose any fax number from different categories. It provides encrypted transmission of documents. Attach the documents directly from the computer without printing them out, in this way you don’t have to leave the sensitive documents in open.

CocoFax is economical and provides you unlimited storage space for saving your faxes where some online faxing services save faxes of limited numbers.

How to Send Fax by Google Online Faxing Services

Requirements For Using Google Fax Services-CocoFax

As you already know no landline connection or fax machine is required. With CocoFax you can do all the work virtually and it is even more fun to do it this way. So you just need

An internet-connected device

  • CocoFax account
  • A Gmail account
  • A fax number

CocoFax provides special apps to use on iPhone or Android devices. You can send and receive fax via the CocoFax dashboard or my email account. Now there is no waiting for confirmation as CocoFax provides you the feature of the confirmatory email once the fax is sent successfully.

How to Send Fax by Google Online Faxing Services

How to Send the Fax By CocoFax via Gmail

No rocket science is involved in sending and receiving fax via Gmail. Different steps involved in sending a fax are explained here to make it easy for you.

Step 1: The first step is to sign up for a one month free trial by clicking on the option in the top right corner of the CocoFax official website. The first part is to select the fax number.

How to Send Fax by Google Online Faxing Services

The second step is to enter the personal information and the Gmail address. This Gmail address will be used to send and receive faxes from both national and international forums.

How to Send Fax by Google Online Faxing Services

Step 2: After signing up, go to the Gmail account and click on the ‘compose new email’ option.

Step 3: After signing up a new window will open. You can draft the fax here. Fill in the mandatory fields here like you fill before sending an email.

To Field: In this field, you enter the email address of the recipient while sending an email. Now for sending a fax you have to enter the fax number of the recipient followed by for example, if the fax number is 123456 you will type

Subject Field: This one is not compulsory to fill in. text of this field will become the title of the fax.

Email Body: Here you can enter the short message for the recipient.

Attachment: if the document you want to send is present on the computer you can attach that directly here. If in hardcopy you have to scan them or take pictures to convert them into soft copy.

Step 4: After that review the fax and click on the ‘send’ button. It is as simple as this.

How to Send Fax by Google Online Faxing Services

Once the fax is sent, you will receive the confirmation email in your inbox. If not then check the fax number you entered or the problem could be with the recipient fax machine or the lines could be busy.

Receive Fax via Gmail by Using CocoFax

Receiving the fax in the email account is like receiving the email. No steps are involved and you will receive the faxes automatically in your inbox. CocoFax keeps the record of all your faxes. You can read them round the clock on any device with an internet connection.

How to Send Fax by Google Online Faxing Services

Send Fax From Google Drive by Using CocoFax:

Many professionals want to fax the Google drive directly without the hassle of printing them out of copying them in your email. To make it possible CocoFax provides you this feature of sending the fax directly from Google drive. Sign up for CocoFax. The initial step is the same but the thing you need is the CocoFax add-on. You can download the CocoFax add-on.


How to Send Fax by Google Online Faxing Services

After that go to the document you want to send and search for the add-on in the menu bar. Here click on the CocoFax and hit the send button. A new window will open, here enter the CocoFax account credentials and add the fax number of the recipient. Once you are done click on the send button and here you go!


Now with Google, fax services fax has modernized itself and you can send faxes from digital platforms. Now faxing has become a five-finger exercise. CocoFax provides you all the convenient features you need from any faxing service like military level encryption and free fax number. Send a fax directly from your Gmail account or from Google drive and save your time and expenses.

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