VPS Hosting for Your Growing Business: When and Why?

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VPS hosting for your growing business when and why

When a business website starts to attract more and more attention, sooner or later shared hosting plan will not be enough for a website to function properly. If traffic levels have increased drastically, it is recommended to upgrade the server. And one of the better options is VPS hosting. While in shared hosting plans the server and resources are shared with other users, a VPS provides the individual operating system, including disc space and bandwidth. There are more benefits, which we are going to discuss in more detail below.

The Difference in Hosting Plans

The fact is that many people start a site with shared hosting instead of a VPS, however as time goes by, these needs are changing. As it was mentioned in the beginning, shared hosting accommodates one site with many others, therefore they all share server resources. Another hosting plan – a dedicated hosting – hosts one or more servers on a single site.

Compared to these hosting plans, Time4VPS VPS hosting includes main elements of both, so it is often called a hybrid of shared and dedicated hosting. It’s true that having a VPS plan means locating a site on the same physical server along with other users, however, each account is virtually divided. A personal operating system with resources that are assigned to only one site can offer better performance and security.

Of course, a VPS server is more expensive compared to shared hosting, however the VPS’s cost is lower than that of a dedicated server. It’s important to note that the cost also depends on the OS is chosen for a server. Windows and Linux VPS hosting are the core – they determine how a server performs, what apps can be installed and many more functions.

When to Upgrade?

Most likely a site will face considerable growth as the traffic increases. Then it’s recommended to think about an upgrade. Your site’s run time is too slow? The problem of the security of the data has occurred? Traffic has grown significantly? Consider a new hosting plan.

Also, pay attention if your small business has instantly doubled in size. It signals two things: now a site requires much more resources and a VPS hosting is lower in price compared to dedicated hosting (although it can provide plenty of resources).

Benefits of VPS Server

It’s not a secret that today a slow speed of a site can lead to a loss of revenue because of disappointed customers. One of the benefits being an increased performance, there are three more:

  • Great control;
  • Low cost;
  • Scalability.

The site can face functionality problems when being shared with hundreds of other users on the same server. For instance, if the websites sharing the same server receive lots of traffic, it will inevitably slow down all the other sites shared on the same server. Meanwhile, a website using VPS hosting will be never determined by other users.

Shared and dedicated hostings feature a lack of access to the root environment, but with a VPS, the administrator doesn‘t need to rely on software packages of the hosting provider. In addition, the business is able to make the changes freely while the shared server supports specific software and recognizes unsupported ones as a security threat.

Talking about the cost, virtual private servers used to be too expensive to use, however, as technologies have advanced, the cost has drastically decreased. Then VPS became available for almost every business. Finally, VPS hosting offers the possibility to accommodate the increasing traffic while the shared server can be limiting.

Even though there are many hosting plans available, a VPS offers more flexibility, scalability and a great price in relation to the benefits it can offer. No matter small or big business, if it expands, at the same time the customer base grows. Therefore, with a VPS one will always be ready for expansion.

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