10 Issues That Can Catch Inexpert Developers Flatfooted

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Mobile apps are becoming reliable friends of many mobile users daily. They make them feel comfortable and safe in lots of situations. People can find the location they need and not get lost. Individuals can attach their credit and debit cards to their mobiles and pay bills and purchase things. Foreigners can communicate applying translators. So, each mobile app is a great human assistant in various life situations.

One of the most important things is to create the best app design. Unfortunately, not everybody is able to do that because of lack of proper knowledge. Mistakes lead to fails and do not help in business promotion. 

Things Which Might Confuse App Design Beginners

Some companies do not pay serious attention to app design. They create them anyhow and do not manage to succeed. These are common mistakes amateurs make when creating an app.

The Absence of Definite Goal

There should be a target audience and the main purpose of the app creation. One should realize what is that for before starting its creation. For example, its core goal can be communication, booking system, payment, geographical location search, etc.

Lack of Original Design Ideas

Plagiarism is a very serious issue which can lead a person to court and bankruptcy. The design must be unique anyway.


It often happens that a company starts creating apps lacking the research concerning already existing mobile apps. As a result, they might produce an app which nobody would like to use because there are better versions. It is like to create a phone that has no access to the Internet.

Low-Quality Backend Creation

Backend structure must be proper because it helps to develop the app and promote it.

Inconvenient Wireframe and Storyboard

If a user cannot clear out how to manage the app then it has not comfortable storyboard and wireframe. It is better to make sure that everything is connected logically and makes a client feel satisfied when dealing with it.

Improper App Prototype Testing

If the prototype lacks testing it might fail. It should produce a gorgeous impression on the target audience and make them want to have it on their phones immediately.

Low-Cost or Even Free Design
Free almost always equals bad. One should consider solid expenses to promote the product and not to lose.

Neglecting MVP

This is a real market testing based on a prototype version of the product. It provides the manufacturer with necessary data regarding important changes the app needs to succeed.

Low-Quality Design

The app should have an image that could be easy to remember and recognize. A creator should take into consideration color scheme and appropriate for the target app aim logo. In addition, it must be easy-to-use.

Overload with Various Mobile Platforms

It is a mistake to apply many platforms at once. It is better to choose the most necessary ones to start.

How to Make Apps Second-to-None?

One can find app design companies which are experts in apps promotion. They know how to lead a company to success and avoid failure. Mobile apps provide companies with better incomes. It is better not to neglect the process of their creation.

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