30+ Best Free Hashcat Tutorials to Learn Password Cracking Like A Pro Hacker

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List of Best Free Hashcat Tutorials to Learn Crack Password Like A Pro Hacker

Hashcat is a Multiplatform hash cracking software that is popular for password cracking. Hashing a common technique to store the password in various software.  Protected PDF, ZIP, and other format files that are protected by a password. This password is hashed and saved as part of the file itself.

Using Hashcat you can easily identify the password of a protected file.

The tool is open source and free to use. It works with CPU, GPU and other hardware that support OpenCL runtime.

I have hand-curated these Hashcat online tutorials for learning and experimentation.

How Hashcat Software Works?

Hashcat software can identify the password by using its input as the hashed value. Since hashing is a one-way process it uses different techniques to guess the password.

Hashcat can use a simple word list to guess passwords. It also supports brute-force attack that can try to create all possible character combinations for the potential password. 

Recent attack features of masking and rule-based attack makes it even more powerful and faster tool to recover the password from a hash.

Beginners Hashcat Tutorials : Simple and Focused

As a beginner you may want to start simple with these tutorials. You can jump to advanced tutorials if you have already learned basic hashcat commands and usage.

Hashcat Video Tutorials and Online Courses To Learn

This is a Video courses and tutorials list, you may find it helpful if you prefer video tutorials or classroom setup.

Hashcat eBooks, PDF and Cheat Sheets for Reference

These are downloadable resources about hashcat. You can download the PDF and eBook versions to learn anywhere.

Hashcat Websites, Blogs and Forums To Get Help Learning

Below mentioned websites can be a good source for getting help on Hashcat and related topics.

  • Official Website of hashcat – advanced password recovery – The official Hashcat website with all details about the tool and its supported versions to download. This is the best place to start your hashcat research and learning.
  • hashcat Forum – Best place to get help as a beginner about hashcat. I will recommend do a search before asking a question, since most questions may have been asked in past.
  • Your Hacking Tutorial by ZempiriansHotHot – Subreddit about hacking where you may get some help and direction on using hashcat.
  • HashCat Online – Password Recovery in the cloud WPA MD5 PDF DOC – Hashcat online, can be a good place to experiment with your hashcat skills without installing hashcat on your own computer.
  • Newest ‘hashcat’ Questions – Stack Overflow – Stackoverflow is my favorite place for many things, however, for hashcat it can be a little dull since I do not notice a lot of participation from the community. You may still have some luck if you ask your question the right way and give some bounty.


This is a very big list of tutorials. Hashcat is just a simple software and you may need to use very few options from it. Try to experiment with it and you will start learning.

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