How to Start Playing Old-School Games on Your Computer

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How to Start Playing Old-School Games on Your Computer

It is difficult to say for sure why people give up playing modern games and get back to retro games that used to enjoy in childhood. Maybe, it’s just excessive romanticizing the good old days or mere nostalgia that makes us look back fondly on old things in the attempt to relive some pleasant experiences. If you’re one of those guys who aim to play retro games on their computers but doesn’t know how to do it, you can relax. You’re definitely going to learn how to do it after finishing reading the article. 

Abandonware Sites As a Key To The Lost Memories

Abandonware is a term denoting outdated, currently unsupported software. Also, this term refers to the software whose copyrights are no longer protected. So, if you’re looking for old games you would love to play again, start searching for the websites offering such kind of product. Try googling for “abandonware” and the system will present you with lots of results. You may want to check some of them out to decide which site offers old games for download. Also, don’t forget to do a crosscheck on the source you plan on using. 

Who knows, maybe the site distributes malware under the guise of abandonware. So, stay vigilant. Reading some forums and familiarizing yourself with the list of the best websites offering abandonware can be quite a useful option, as well. Doing so will help you figure out what abandonware website to choose and assess the safety of downloads it offers. 
Abandonware Sites As a Key To The Lost Memories

When you select the site hosting retro games don’t hesitate to visit it. Though different sites are organized differently, you always will be able to navigate through some sections and categories in order to pick a specific game you would want to download onto your computer.

Once you find what you have been looking for, click on the game. As a rule, the next thing most users see after selecting the game on the site is its short description. Other users’ review also can be available. Though sometimes it’s may be difficult to locate the Download button, try your best to do it.

Abandonware Sites As a Key To The Lost Memories

Select the “Download” option, then. In some cases, you may be offered to postpone downloading and try playing the retro game in your browser. If you find it necessary to try this option first, you’re free to do it. Still, if you don’t want to limit yourself to playing online, it’s best that you download the retro thing onto your PC and play it whenever you feel like doing it.

Abandonware Sites As a Key To The Lost Memories

Now you can load your new old game and start enjoying it. Just locate it in your default Downloads folder and click on it. This should start unpacking the content of the file which is most likely to be zipped. If the system won’t do it automatically, try decompressing the file manually using any unarchiver you have installed.

Playing Retro Games Using an Emulator

We guess you know that you can also run old games on your PC using an emulator and ROM files. Besides, if you ever start looking for retro games, you can download ROMs from RomsMode for free. Still, will cover this part in detail a little bit later. Just keep on reading.

To start playing retro games, look for an emulator online. This program will help your PC emulate the operation of original hardware intended for running old games.

Once you find a reliable online source to download the selected emulator, click on the “Download” button and get the new software installed. Just like in the case of extracting abandonware files, you’ll need to unzip you emulator and extract its content to the proper folder.

Do you remember about ROM files or games that you can play using an emulator? Now it’s time that you download some of them. Visit RomsMode and navigate through the available ROM files until you come across the retro game you would love to play.

Download the chosen game.
Then, launch the emulator, select the game in it and start playing!

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